Golfers Attempt to “Takeaway” Owners Mangos


Rescued mangos that family enjoys eating from their tree

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Woodlands Country Club residents love their fruit trees, and those that live in the 900 home community don’t take it lightly when strangers pilfer from them. So when a resident caught a golfer up one of her her mango trees, she took out her camera.

mango-thief3Although there is a sign warning people not to take fruit from Gail Troy Zakroff’s property, a golfer shimmied his way up her tree on Saturday and was taking them anyway.  And it wasn’t just one mango, the pair was trying to take a bucketful. That is, until they were caught.

Zakroff had just pulled into the driveway of the home when she discovered them.  She said she witnessed the whole thing as he just kept tossing one mango after another to the ground and thought, “One isn’t enough?” 

Golfer caught in tree

Golfer caught in tree

That’s when the adrenalin kicked in and she stopped them. The golfer in the tree asked her why she was taking pictures of him and she told him what he was doing was illegal as well as trespassing – all while she continued taking pictures of the pair.

“I told him that he had no regard for the people who nurture and tend the tree all year long and pay the mortgage on the property to claim rights to mangos,” she said.

The men told Zakroff that they were sorry and thought it was golf course property, and took off forgetting the golf club they left leaning against a tree, eventually having to come back for it.

See someone trespassing on your property taking your fruit?  You can contact BSO’s non emergency line at: 954 720-2225.

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Sharon Aron Baron
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