Senior Citizen Wreaks Havoc During DMV Eye Exam, Faces Charges for Equipment Demolition

Senior Citizen Wreaks Havoc at DMV Eye Exam, Faces Charges for Equipment Demolition

Eric Louis Margolis {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A Kings Point resident was arrested for destroying equipment during an eye exam and now faces charges of criminal mischief charges.

Chaos unfolded at the Kings Point clubhouse on October 18, as a Broward County Sheriff’s Office warrant alleges Eric Louis Margolis, 64, of Tamarac, wreaked havoc during a Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles event.

According to the arrest report, Margolis arrived at the clubhouse for the event, where FLHSMV assisted residents with their driver’s license needs. 

According to the report, Margolis visited the service table where the FLHSMV Community Specialist was stationed to resolve issues with the listed address on his Florida driver’s license. However, the situation escalated when workers informed Margolis that he needed to retake his photograph for the driver’s license and also retake his vision examination test.

At the mention of the vision test, Margolis became upset, raising his voice and causing a disturbance. He eventually agreed to comply but insisted on closing one eye during the vision test. 

Margolis exploded in anger when told that this was not allowed and constituted cheating, yelling and screaming at workers before witnesses say he slammed his hands on the table, threw a printer and an eye examination machine across the room, and made a dramatic exit through an emergency exit, triggering an alarm. 

The estimated damages from Margolis’s outburst were tallied at $2,600.

In response to the incident, a representative from Florida Highway Safety requested pressing charges, leading to the issuance of a warrant for Margolis’s arrest. 

On November 30, Margolis was apprehended and arrested on charges stemming from his demolition at the Kings Point clubhouse.

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