Using a Pseudonym, Commissioner Marlon Bolton Caught Writing Attacks on Political Rivals

By Tom Lauder

It took little more than 12 hours for The Tamarac Post to rename a page highlighting the author of recent stories attacking the political rivals of Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton.

On Wednesday, REDBROWARD revealed the link to five stories by Tamarac Post international correspondent Maria Colson was named “MBOLTON.”

This morning, the link was changed to “MColson.”

A link provided by the fake news website Tamarac Post reveals “MBOLTON” authored recent stories attacking City of Tamarac politicians. Since late August, five Tamarac Post stories have been written by “Maria Colson.” An August 26, 2021 story was a puff piece praising Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton for a meaningless political appointment.

The next four stories featured baseless attacks on Bolton’s fellow commissioners. The most recent story contains numerous false claims against Mayor Michelle Gomez, Vice Mayor Elvin Villalobos, and even former Mayor Beth Talabisco.

In March 2021, REDBROWARD exposed Marlon Bolton’s deep ties to “The Tamarac Post,” owned and operated by close Bolton ally Anthony Bonamy.

The Tamarac Post has repeatedly written stories praising Marlon Bolton and his commission cohort Elberg Mike Gelin. The City Of North Lauderdale fired Bonamy from his position as deputy clerk after REDBROWARD revealed his role on the website. Bonamy was quickly hired as an aide to Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness.

On August 31, REDBROWARD revealed how Tamarac Post reporter Maria Colson was not a Tamarac resident.

According to her social media accounts, Maria Colson is a 20-something woman living in Sidcup, England. According to her LinkedIn page, Colson works for TJ MAXX and a public policy firm. Both jobs are located in England, NOT Tamarac.

Colson’s Tamarac Post bio gives a vanity website,, which appears to be a dead link. Links to her Facebook and Twitter accounts are also provided.

According to her Twitter account, Maria Colson is deeply interested in British animal rights causes and climate change initiatives. She makes no mention of Tamarac, or Broward, or Florida, or even the U.S.A.

REDBROWARD attempted to contact Maria Colson via her Facebook page. She never responded to questions about her reporting.

Now, thanks to a tip from a tech-savvy reader, the ties between Bolton and the Tamarac Post appear stronger.

The Tamarac Post provides a page for all stories written by Maria Colson. This is the same page with her vanity website and social media links. The address of this page is:

The address for Tamarac Post author Dawne Richards is “drichards.” The address for Tamarac Post stories authored by staff is listed as “contributor.”

Why are stories allegedly written by a young Englishwoman posted under “MBOLTON?”

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