Tamarac Commissioner Causes Tense Exchange at Public Event

Tamarac Commissioner Causes Tense Exchange at Public Event 2

After Atkins-Grad calls her neighbor a “dead-beat” at a public event for not paying his association dues for 3 months over 13 years ago, Tamarac resident George Stroker tells her what he thinks of her.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Recently reinstated Tamarac Commissioner Patte Atkins-Grad stirred up terrible memories for one homeowner when she confronted him about dues that he didn’t pay to his association over 13 years ago at the recent groundbreaking of the new Mainlands Park last week.

Before the event began, Atkins-Grad saw a resident from her neighborhood recognizing him as someone who appeared before the commission asking for her to step down.  She walked off the stage and called him a “deadbeat” for not paying his homeowner’s association dues, then turned around and sat down.

The man in question, Woodlands resident George Stroker, got up and followed her up the stage where he leaned over her and yelled at her, “How low of you to have to reach way back and defame my poor dead wife and me. You have crossed the line, you f–ng, lying, cheating, b–ch!”

At this point, the Mayor, Commissioner Bushnell, and the City Manager jumped between them. Mayor Talabisco said, “George, be the better person.”

The City Manager told Stroker, ‘“We understand how you feel; this is not the place. He returned to his seat in the front row and politely listened to the ceremony where he said he was sitting there stewing.

The dues in question that Atkins-Grad brought up, were in fact, owed by Stroker. However, this was back over 13 years ago.

Back in 1999, Stroker owed approximately three months of dues while his wife was dying of cancer in the hospital, and his association’s section, the same one that Atkins-Grad lives in, placed a lien on his home for over $6,000. Sun-Sentinel Story

All for just $201.

But this was 13 years ago, and Atkins-Grad felt like this was the time to bring it up. At a public event.  With several hundred people around.

“That was a hard, painful time in my life, and for her to reach back and bring that up out of desperation was unforgivable. She crossed the line. Atkins-Grad is not a rational, competent person. I am going to treat her accordingly.”

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