Men Arrested For Kidnapping After 2-Day Home Invasion

kidnap kidnapping

Kejuan Brandon Campbell, of Tamarac, and Dionte Alexander-Wilcox of Miramar, charged with kidnapping.

By Isaac Ray 

Two men were arrested and charged with kidnapping after a home invasion spanning two days ended with their capture. 

According to United States Attorney Ariana Fajardo Orshan of the Southern District of Florida, on December 16 and 17, Kejuan Brandon Campbell, 26, Tamarac, and Dionte Alexander-Wilcox, 24, Miramar, were accused after they and another suspect forcefully gained entry into the residence of two victims.

According to a criminal complaint, the men broke into the home and demanded the victims pay a ransom of $20,000, or they would be killed.

After being unable to transfer the money via Cash App, Campbell forced one of the victims to travel with him to multiple ATM’s so she could make withdrawals.  

Due to daily limits on how much the victim could withdraw, the men could not obtain the funds. Instead of taking what they had been able to withdraw and fleeing, the men spent the night at the victim’s home drinking liquor and eating their food.

In the criminal complaint, Alexander-Wilcox is accused of sexually assaulting one of the victims at gunpoint.

The next day, the men forced one of the victims to increase her daily withdrawal limit while the other victim was held at gunpoint back at the residence. After stopping at multiple banks, Alexander-Wilcox obtained the $20,000 he and his accomplices had requested. 

During the investigation, police obtained video of the men counting the money they had stolen from the victims. Law enforcement also recovered forensic and video evidence linking Campbell, Alexander-Wilcox, and the other suspect to the scene of the home invasion. 

Both men are currently in custody. If convicted, both Campbell and Alexander-Wilcox face a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

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