Broward Blind Items – Bet You’ll Never Guess Who They Are!

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Elected Official Lorna Pilgrim was invited to an elementary school production in her district before the end of the year. She even confirmed, and the principal saved a front row and center seat for her in this sold-out event. Unfortunately, Lorna was a No show with No explanation!


Mercy Me! Orange Julius and the Broward Democrat Council of Club Presidents is in disarray. We know that Jonesy Porter is wanted for having sticky fingers as treasurer but it seems as if Orange Julius and Katie Kingspoint are protecting him from those bad people that want to arrest him! Sources tell me that Jonesy is Katie’s chauffeur and house-boy, and I’m sure she wants him to stay out of trouble. Besides, he paid back the money, so what’s the problem? Well, the problem is, who gave Jonesy the money? Was it Katie, Orange Julius, or some other Democrat? A thief is a thief and Jonesy needs to face the consequences without all this protection and coverup!


Last week we saw Tracy Skittles speaking Italiano for the visiting Italian dignitaries at that Big Broward meeting. Skittles has had a few lessons and ‘e presto parlare come un italiano nativo!‘ Who knew?


Remember last week when I broke the news that The Grande Capo himself doesn’t exist in social media? His hired hand, Billy Bucks, is his alter ego and “socializes” with all the unknowing fans on Facebook. Well, The Capo himself is getting nervous about his upcoming election and has resorted to harassing a woman because she is helping out Chief Charlie on the political trail.  Seems as though the woman’s employer does charitable work with The Capo, and The Capo doesn’t like her helping Charlie on her own time. Not one to stop at that, he has been calling her bosses upset, and she’s afraid she may get fired.


Yahoo! Look who’s dating now! This one is smoking up my computer. A local Senator and a former elected official, who I believed were happily married… other people! Judging by the looks of this hot couple, maybe they both were a little board bored!


Commissioner Shanisa is upset that Broward school board candidate Frieda Fab has not contacted her yet or visited any schools in her city. Feeling slighted, she decided to make her choice and endorse someone else that has spent some time at her city schools.


Sources tell me that school board member Stacy Teachy has appointed Timmy Loudmouth to the Diversity Committee as her representative. Stacy, aren’t you supposed to do a bit of a background check to make sure these appointees are….well….. tolerant of others? Seems as though Loudmouth is a blog writer who makes his living cyber-bullying women in political office.  The Diversity Committee promotes and encourages respect for ethnic and cultural diversity.  I don’t believe for one minute that Stacy Teachy would knowingly appoint a hater and berater who not only stalks political women at meetings, but does awful things online by photo-chopping their faces. If this is true, I would be seeing RED if I were in her Broward District!


It seems as though political consultant Seymour Votes had a lapse of good judgement when he saw Bigwig Broward Democratic leader Dorothy Richards. He told her that he was thrilled that she was being inducted into the Hall of Fame, and even though many people thought she didn’t deserve it, he was defending her. Richards, who was with a group of people at the time, burst out laughing in his face. Seymour just skulked away embarrassed. Dorothy Richards then told her friends that she will never vote for his wife. Holy Election-Time Faux Pas!

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  • ….

    Yahoo? Really? “seeing RED?” OYE VEY. you could do better

  • Le Peerman

    Ok so this is how we start a second attempt? I did not endorse another candidate because I was “feeling slighted” I endorsed a candidate that visited my city schools, talked to parents, teachers and administrators as well as elected officials. History has proven that if you don’t see a school board candidate at any of the school’s functions they want to represent then you will more than likely NOT see them when elected. Ms Fab was not the only one that did not attempt to contact me, she was just the only one you and I were talking about at the time. And to think I was kind enough to not say I TOLD YA SO about the last dist 4 elected official.
    Commissioner Shanisa(can ya think of a more creative name)

    ps just an FYI I tend to answer posts or article that do not have the facts straight. Just saying

    • LOL, oh I’ll have to retire the name now!

      BTW, It’s a play on Leesa.

      Thanks for writing and clarifying.

  • Le Peerman

    l E in Lesa. How about I just give ya permission to name me Commissioner Le when you write about me as long as you write the correct info, I will be honored…
    Oh wait that might not work for the name about Commissioner El

  • Laurie G.

    Love them but once again I’m lost. I don’t keep up like some of you so maybe I should be finding out what’s going on here in this town. I feel bad about the woman being harassed so maybe you need to look into that more or call someone about that.


  • Karen Fernandez

    Please tell me 4,5,7,8. Sharon will you email me the answers?

    Thank you.

  • MargateMarkS

    Well, you certainly have made this boring election season entertaining. How about some stuff on some congressional candidates or do you just want to write about Broward. not that there isn’t enough material, but I don’t believe many people know who anyone is. I know most of the answers (I think). Pretty good stuff. Keep up the good work. Enjoy the stories.