Why All of Those Weight Loss Schemes Failed and What Really Works

Why All of Those Weight Loss Schemes Failed and What Really Works 1

Raymond Francis

I’m going to let you in on a little-known secret: Overweight is a disease!

If you’re overweight, you’re sick, and the ONLY WAY to lose weight permanently is to get well. If you focus only on losing weight, the weight will keep coming back, and that’s exactly what happens to most people. You can’t lose weight by trying to lose weight; you have to cure the disease.

How do you cure this disease? You do it by restoring malfunctioning cells to normal. We are all made of microscopic units of life called cells. If a large number of your cells are not working correctly, your body will malfunction and you will lose your ability to self regulate—we call this disease. When you lose the ability to regulate fat storage, you will get fat. There are only two reasons that cells malfunction: they aren’t getting enough nutrition (deficiency), or toxins are jamming up the works (toxicity). Therefore, the only way to cure overweight disease is to eliminate deficiency and toxicity, restore cells to normal and regain the ability to self regulate your appetite and fat storage.

Why All of Those Weight Loss Schemes Failed and What Really Works 2

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If you’re overweight, you are almost certainly malnourished, and your ability to regulate fat storage has been compromised. Being deficient in even one nutrient can signal the body to store fat. Insufficient nutrition turns your appetite control on, making you hungry, but stuffing yourself with more nutrient-deficient calories doesn’t satisfy your need for nutrition and turn the control off. So you keep eating.

To gain health and lose weight, you must eliminate toxic foods like sugar, refined grains, processed oils, dairy, excess animal protein, and processed foods full of chemicals. Instead, eat a diet of whole, organic, fresh and mostly raw fruits, vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, beans, and healthy fats like high-quality olive oil, flax oil and coconut oil. Focus on nutrient dense and fiber-rich foods that are truly satisfying.

Many toxins—from food, water, air, personal care products, etc. —to one degree or another, impair your appetite and fat storage controls, making you feel inappropriately hungry, turning off fat burning and turning on fat storage. Since virtually all Americans are in toxic overload, it’s no wonder we have an obesity epidemic! When your body’s appetite and fat storage controls are turned on, you will never be able to lose weight permanently. For more information on permanent weight loss, read my book, Never Be Fat Again.

Raymond Francis was born in New England and is a  MIT trained scientist who became deathly ill in his mid 40’s and was forced to save his own life.With his knowledge of  biochemistry he took himself from death’s door to exemplary health in his mid 70’s after realizing that the average person without his scientific knowledge would have died, he decided to devote his life to helping others get well and stay well.  Francis lives here in South Florida.

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