Florida CFO Candidate William Rankin Bans Reporter From Meeting


By: Sharon Aron Baron

Democratic Candidate William Rankin has left many questioning his lack of knowledge and experience for Florida’s top financial job of CFO.  On Tuesday, reporter Brooke Knight tried to ask him questions but was banned from the Riviera Beach AFL-CIO meeting and accused of working for Jeff Atwater.

Rankin never mentions his military service in his pretentious profile in Millionaire Lifestyle Magazine

Rankin never mentions his military service in his pretentious profile in Millionaire Lifestyle Magazine

Knight along with Attorney Marc Reiner tried to attend the meeting in Rivera Beach on Tuesday evening where Rankin was scheduled to speak to union members.  Knight had written about Rankin after the story first broke on MyActsofSedition.com.

“That’s her, she works for Jeff!” Rankin pointed towards Knight.

The chairwoman of the AFL-CIO said to Knight, “Do you work for Jeff?”

“Jeff who?” Asked Knight.


“The CFO? I’ve never met the man in my life. I’m a voter who is doing research, and I have questions for Rankin.”

“The article you wrote was all lies,” said Rankin.

Marc Reiner asked Rankin, “Which of the facts was a lie?”

Rankin didn’t answer. He disappeared inside the building. However, both Knight and Reiner were banned from entering. They handed their questions to the union leader and told members to Google Rankin before giving him any of their money.

By accusing Knight and Reiner of being spies for Atwater, Rankin may have given bystanders a stellar performance, however, he knew that the two of them were no spies.  It was just a week earlier he had approached both of them to work on his campaign.

Reiner, a trial attorney in West Palm Beach was approached by Jim Gibbs of the West Palm Beach Democratic Club to meet Rankin. Afterwards, Reiner received an email from Gibbs, asking if he would accompany Rankin to Orlando and introduce him to all of his contacts at the Florida Democratic Convention held in October. Reiner was happy to oblige and made the rounds with Rankin introducing him to all the local clubs from around Florida.

Once they returned, Reiner grew concerned about being associated with Rankin after witnessing his lack of knowledge during an appearance he had witnessed on Veterans Day in Lake Worth.

“The head of the Democratic Club asked Rankin about issues like PIP laws, forced-place insurance, the Citizen’s Insurance debacle and he was clueless. He said he was throwing too much out at him at once,” said Reiner. “I deal with the office of financial regulations all the time, so I’m very familiar. If you’re running for CFO you should know more about it than me.”

Rankin wanted the attorney to give him information on legislative issues and  introduce him to others in the community.

“He kept asked asking me for legal advice and approached both Brooke and myself to be on his ‘Ideas Committee.’”

However, Reiner told Rankin that he would not work for him until he entered into a retainer. He wasn’t paid for his out of pocket expenses from Orlando so he didn’t want to proceed until then.  Reiner also wanted some questions answered about his background.

Reiner wanted answers about Rankin’s DD214 cleared up, namely the fact that Rankin was telling others that information is classified when it wasn’t.

He never explains how a man who touts himself on his campaign page as someone with a blue-colored background “who understood the value of the hard-earned dollar” becomes the publisher of Millionaire Lifestyle Magazine, which is a pretentious publication for uber-wealthy jet-setters.  He never discloses his military background in his profile or his humble beginnings.  More importantly, how or if he really is a millionaire.

Rankin told people that he was the Director on the 2000 Florida Census. Why would he tell others he was a volunteer?

Reiner also believes Rankin needed to clear up the discrepancies on his residency. “You refuse to say where you live? You don’t own? He refuses to answer it.” Reiner says upon further research it was found he allegedly lives at the same address as candidate for State Representative Scott Herman is renting.

“Rankin has not produced one iota of an idea for fixing the CFO position other than generic ‘reduce fraud’ balderdash without substance,” said Reiner.

Unfortunately, the “Millionaire Lifestyles” man wouldn’t pay a retainer to the attorney, nor would he answer the questions.


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  • Richard Paul Dembinsky

    William Rankin did not want to share the Pizza.

  • Richard Paul Dembinsky

    William Rankin call if YOU are still a candidate for CFO…….386 788 3885. Please….I would expect YOU were going to Tallahassee to look at the “genius” beer can poll……seems those cans are too close to a minor…and maybe Tallahassee police should review this matter. If that beer is made in a foreign country could YOU have it removed?
    Why not the beer from Pottsville, Pennsylvania?
    Oh, that would be an implied support of Charlie Crist?
    William Rankin YOU need to get permission to install an outhouse next to the beer can display….so Chaz Stevens does not have a spill.

  • Richard Paul Dembinsky

    Happy New Year to the fine folks in boring Tamarac. I guess the internet is so limited in Tamarac land NO one will stand up and cut up this stupid future CFO candidate; surely I gave you enough fly ash that there must be something that gets the blood pressure going in Tamarac. Maybe Rick Scott has Tamarac in the bag and Charlie Crist is wasting his time. Surely this Republican area of Port Orange is ready to give Rick Scott another 4 years; If Charlie Crist does not start spending his money before February 1, 2014, his effort to be elected will be greatly impacted in a negative way. WE are starting to enjoy the smiling face of Rick Scott;….maybe Charlie Crist could shock the world by dying his hair?
    Wow would that be an election first; Gray hair as Republican but changed to blonde to be a Democrat. People NOW in Florida don’t even remember much of Charlie Crist the Republican. Too Bad Nan Rich has been boxed into hating all Republicans and Independents. Enough is Enough we need better candidate representing the democrats or we should delay the election for 2 more years.

  • Richard Paul Dembinsky

    Only remaining task for 2013 to continue working on promoting William Rankin’s own words to the top of the google search; it is about as impossible as getting Tamaractalk.com to have positive comments about democrats In general. The owner and editor sure loves Jeff Atwater and I trust even Richard L. Scott. Unless Charlie Crist campaigns immediately in Tamarac, Florida how in the name will any challenger beat Honorable Jeff Atwater. See UNLESS the top of the ticket is strong…there is NO way William Rankin or other could even get 40 percent of the vote.
    So Charlie Crist ground zero is to campaign in Tamarac Florida until the owner and editor tamaractalk.com finally realizes that Charlie Crist could be the next Governor of Florida and my God even William Rankin could win.
    If Charlie Crist cannot win the back streets of Tamarac, Florida …how in the world could he be Governor again. Hey, when Charlie Crist is elected maybe he would change back to being a Republican and everyone in Tamarac would be happy.
    To win Tamarac Charlie Crist needs to rent all commercial building spaces and give free coffee and wifi to those young voters of Tamarac….I am NOT joking Charlie Crist needs to open a campaign office NOW in Tamarac, Florida…then someone will be talking at Tamaractalk.com
    Sweeten Florida Plan
    Happy New Year to my one and only supporter in Tamarac, Florida
    call me 24/7 386 788 3885

  • NamVet1971

    AFAIK, the CEO of Tamarac Talk is a Democrat or Independent. What I have seen posted on TT has been politically neutral for the most part.