Kingspoint Democrats Elect Thief Who Was Arrested for Stealing from….Democrats

Tamarac Commissioner Diane Glasser takes Percy Johnson to the National Democratic Convention in Charlotte after his arrest on Grand Theft

Tamarac Commissioner Diane Glasser takes Percy Johnson to the National Democratic Convention in Charlotte after his arrest on Grand Theft

By:  Sharon Aron Baron

The Kingspoint Democratic Club Members may not realize that they have not only elected someone who is serving probation for Grand Theft on their board, but the person in question was convicted of stealing from the very party that he now represents.

On Wednesday, the Kingspoint Democratic Club elected Percy Johnson, 41, as Secretary of the club. Johnson was arrested in August 2012 on a single count of Grand Theft, a third degree felony for stealing over $2,000 in funds from the Council of Club President’s, a political organization comprising of more than 30 top officials of the Democratic Party clubs and caucuses in Broward County.


Percy Johnson

I contacted the former President of the Council of Club President’s, Bernard Parness at his home.

“Oh really? They let a someone who admitted in court to improperly taking funds to become Secretary of Kingspoint?” Said Parness. “Are they aware that Johnson confessed in court to stealing money? Even Mitch Ceasar knows this. Even Diane Glasser knows this and she continues to take him everywhere like he did nothing.”

Johnson, who is routinely seen with Tamarac City Commissioner Diane Glasser, employs Johnson as her aide and doesn’t seem to have a problem with parading him around Democratic functions, even taking him to the Democratic convention in Charlotte, North Carolina after his arrest.

I tried to reach the new President of the Kingspoint Democratic Club, Mike Stern, to get his opinion but he has not returned my calls.

Johnson  pled nolo contendere to the charge of Grand Theft in the 3rd degree. He received a withhold of adjudication and 18 months State probation.

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  • Patti Lynn

    I wonder if Medicare is paying his salary as an aide???

  • Hate this Place

    Glasser really put one over all the old folks over there. Nothing surprises me anymore over here and can someone tell me why her aide is running who did steal is even running? Why doesn’t he resign? Oh wait..there is no shame in Tamarac!

  • Alex Johnson

    In my opinion, the Cesar/Glasser cabal has nothing but contempt for any democratic values

    • anonymous

      Alex maybe you know then how it is that a person can become an official here in Kingspoint and they aren’t even a resident here and this isn’t their voting precinct? Mr Johnson votes and is a committee member in Fort Lauderdale.

      • Jack Webb

        That is interesting. He lives in Tamarac Dist. 4 but votes in Ft. Laud.?
        He lives won the west side of Nob Hill north of St. Andrews does he not?

  • Right answer

    Official more like taking a post Nobody really wants to do. If you look around heckel & jeckel (Webb& Johnson) etc… There are other elected members of clubs who do not live in those area’s. Move on already. If you are so involved you should have opened your mouth at the election. Again since you are so involved idea..start going door to door and start getting new members. You should be able to convince all the “old folks” in Tamarac to join, so maybe an election turnout will be what you want. By the way there aren’t only “old folks” that live here.