Radio Host who was Charged with Domestic Abuse Hoodwinked Local Republicans

William and Jennifer Lewis pictured with Congressman Allan West


William E Lewis host of “The Credit Report with Bill Lewis”on AM 740 WSBR in South Florida was arrested for domestic violence on Tuesday for allegedly attempting to strangle his wife. What many radio fans as well as Sheriff Al Lamberti did not know was that Lewis also has an extensive criminal background including an 11 year prison sentence.

Lewis, who holds an associates degree from an online University  has a “Money Show” on WSBR AM 740  where he discusses credit issues with caller and frequently uses airtime to promote Republican and Tea party candidates.

Frequent guests of his show include: House Candidate, James Gleason, Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti, Broward Republican Chairman Richard DeNapoli, Republican Party Executive Director Rico Petrocelli, Broward State Attorney Candidate Jim Lewis and Congressional District 22 candidate Adam Hasner.  Lewis also had Facebook get-togethers with local politicians at one of his advertisers, Wings Plus of Coral Springs.

Lewis was also the “Voice” of Sheriff Al Lamberti, frequently updating Al Lamberti’s Facebook pages and posing as the Sheriff to unsuspecting friends who believed they were talking to the real Sheriff. According to the SunSentinel, Lamberti said he hadn’t known about his consultant’s past and wouldn’t have hired his company if he had.

“What a beautiful evening to go surfing. One Bacardi and Coke to go please. Don’t forget the lime..” – William Lewis from Key West after fleeing town for allegedly strangling his wife.

According to NBC Miami,  what conspired on August 23 is as follows:  Jennifer Lewis told deputies they were having a verbal argument when he “grabbed her neck from behind squeezing his hands around her neck.” She began to struggle and was able to break free before it affected her breathing. Lewis then grabbed his wife’s cell phone to stop her from calling 911. When she ran out of the home to call 911, he followed her, stating “If you call, you know what will happen,” the affidavit said.

William Lewis pictured with Sheriff Al Lamberti

Jennifer Lewis also told police that  two years ago, Lewis sprayed her whole body with Lysol during an argument and hit her in the face with the Lysol can, requiring a trip to the hospital and stitches.

Lewis fled to Key West where he posted on his Facebook page, “What a beautiful evening to go surfing. One Bacardi and Coke to go please. Don’t forget the lime..”

He eventually turned himself in on Tuesday.

According to Eric Linder, Assistant State Attorney, Lewis has a criminal history: In 1988 there were three separate cases where he obtained property with a worthless check on a felony count and grand theft.  In 1991 he was charged with a federal crime for conspiracy to possess cocaine with the intent to distribute and the use of a firearm during a drug trafficking crime.  His sentence was reduced to 132 months in federal prison or 11 years.

At the bond hearing, Jennifer Lewis told the judge, “First of all I hope we can have a reduced bond as low as possible and I would like him released on his own recognizance. It’s important, especially having three very small children who’ve asked about daddy every moment of the day that he come home.”

She said she wanted him to go home with her and she was not afraid of him.

The judge released him on $5,000 bond for both counts and recommended that he have no contact with his wife except by telephone.

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  • Noreen Abrams

    Wow! The voice of Sheriff Lamberti?
    Lamberti would not have hired Lewis or his firm had he known?
    How is it possible a man with a past record like Lewis’ get by Broward County’s leading lawman and all of those elected officials?
    You’d think that they’d have the ability if not the obligation to do background checks.
    Or… Did they know and not care?
    Either way… None of the electeds above… Especially Lamberti are deserved of our support in the future.
    They are either knowingly consorting with bad guys or horrendous judges of character.
    They are clearly bereft of the qualities needed to qualify for the public trust.

  • Gloria Creighton

    The more I read about Lewis, the more urgent I see the need to oust Al Lamberti. “Birds of a feather”.

    We must elect Scott Israel sheriff in November.

  • FormerLambertiSupporter

    Scott Israel can count on my vote now. Al has the means to do a background check and did not. shame on him. He put a criminal and abuser on his payroll.

  • all that glitters…

    Lamberti’s “bad guy radar” must be awful! How does this keep happening to him?

    • Patti Lynn

      ATG !!!!!! Welcome back….this is a pretty good blog

  • Captain Doug

    The Bill Lewis radio show was on the air tonight at 6pm on 1470 AM, and the guy filling in for him said Bill Lewis is taking a few days off for R & R. Is that what Right Wing buts are calling Wife Beating these days, R & R??

    Right Wing Big Mouth Steve Kane is on the same radio station as Bill Lewis, 1470 AM, and Kane has been silent all week on the Bill Lewis arrest. In fact he would not allow callers on the air who wanted to talk about it.

    Bill Lewis has guest hosted for Kane… Why is silence Kane????

  • Patti Lynn

    This is really a TOUGH issue. I have known Sheriff Lamberrti a long time…I worked with his wife for many, many years. This is, finally, the LAST STRAW. Too many, “Gee, I didn’t know about that,” and, “It’s one bad apple and should not color the rest of the hard working, honest, and diligent employees.” DAMN!!!! How do you hire a convicted felon to be a spokesperson for your campaign…and the campaign is for the TOP ranking law enforcement officer in the WHOLE county????
    I love you Al, but, I have to support Scott Israel for Sheriff of Broward County. There’s too much dirt blowing around…and, perception is reality. Your BSO house is NOT in order.