Tamarac Mayor Once Again Suspended By Governor


Beth Talabisco at Tamarac’s 50th Anniversary Celebration this past summer

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Governor Rick Scott’s office has just suspended Mayor Beth Talabisco from office once again.

Back in July, an appeals court ruled that a Broward judge was out of line when she threw out corruption charges against her last year.

Back in 2011 she was charged with accepting illegal campaign benefits from developers Bruce and Shawn Chait in exchange for her support on their land project and suspended from office. A circuit court judge threw out the charges in 2012.

The decision by a three-judge panel from the 4th District Court of Appeal spelled renewed legal trouble for the mayor, who was arrested in 2011, suspended from her job, cleared, reinstated, and partially reimbursed by the city.  Up until today, she was leading city commission workshops and meetings.

The mayor’s seat is largely ceremonial, since the city manager runs the day-to-day business. But the mayor is the figurehead, and runs the meetings.

According to the Sun Sentinel, late Friday, a special commission meeting was called for 9 a.m. Tuesday at City Hall for commissioners to appoint a mayor during Talabisco’s suspension. If the new mayor is one of the sitting commissioners, the commission will later fill that commission spot.


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  • Jeanne M.

    Oh NO! Not again! I can’t believe that this nonsense is still going on. 🙁

  • Dbarez

    Do you want to stop this “nonsense”? You can do it next elections. Don’t elect any of the current members. Tamarac needs new real people, not politicians.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Agreed. The anticipated election date for the mayoral position is November 4, 2014.

  • SaveTheMainlands

    Lets see how honest the Tamarac Commission is now. They gave the Mayor $68,499 prematurely for legal fees. She signed a promissory note she’ll pay it back if she lost her appeal. She lost, it’s time to pay it back.

  • Pete

    Her time is coming ! She admitted to taking funds. Its about time. Wake up Tamarac residents.

  • Richard Boehner

    What goes around comes around. Treat people badly and it comes back to you. The way you just completely ignored my cries for help when your buddy Greg was being his abusive self is unfitting for a sitting Mayor. How hope I get on the jury.

  • Tamaracboy

    Let’s see if she pleads “Too stupid to know better” like the last guilty one

  • Disgusted with Arrogance

    I lIke Richards Comments. She was all about herself and very arrogant.

  • Unfriendtamarac

    Case dismissed 1st time around. And now, it’s back.
    For the chump change she (may / may not have) received of 26K …
    Why has the case be re-opened?
    Either there is solid proof she did knowingly allow Chaits to assist her campaign OR
    Someone out their hates her badly enough to keep chasing her (pschyopath).
    She knows the truth (involvement with Chaits) and should know the damage she did to Tamarac with expenses, legal defense funds, repaying her Mayor salary while she never served. She should also know it was not her ‘good friends’ that told on her … it was the business people she shook hands with that told each other how easy it was to buy off a gal in Tamarac that wanted to be a fairy princess of her little kingdom.
    Beth, just say you did it and let the rest of us STOP wasting our time and tax paying dollars to defend such a minor infraction on your part.
    Just saying

    • Stupid Patti

      Are you kidding me? Are (psychopaths) behind all criminal cases? Minor infraction, Are you kidding me? You must also agreed with the Stupid defense?