2 Men Honored For Saving Pets In Tamarac Condo Fire

2 Men Honored For Saving Pets In Tamarac Condo Fire

Adam Dahari and Ron Barr were honored at the Tamarac City Commission. {City of Tamarac}

By Agrippina Fadel

The city commission and Tamarac Fire Rescue honored Adam Dahari and Ron Barr for saving pets from a fire.

Mayor Michelle Gomez read the proclamation at the commission meeting on September 13.

On July 19, at the Sun Vista Apartments at 5700 Rock Island Rd, Dahari, president of the association, and community architect Barr met to discuss repairs at the pool area when they saw smoke coming out of the windows of a first-floor unit.

Both men immediately charged towards the fire, believing there might still be people inside the unit.

“Fire!” They yelled to alert other residents who needed to evacuate. Dahari broke down the gate leading to the unit and then the door of the apartment.

“As soon as we opened the door to the unit, the smoke was so intense that we couldn’t really get in,” he said.

The men were able to let the dogs out that were inside the apartment before the firefighters arrived to put out the fire.

Gomez praised both men for their unselfish acts of gallantry and bravery.

“Dahari and Barr exhibited the “Spirit of Tamarac,” thinking not of themselves but of animals’ safety, demonstrating what it truly means to care for your neighbors,” she said.

Members of the commission and Fire Marshal Tommy Demopoulos shared a photo op with Dahari and Barr. Dahari said it felt good to be recognized for the act and called an experience “humbling.”

“It was the right thing to do. I hope my family was proud of me,” he said.

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