Tamarac Businesses Receive New COVID-19 Complaints


By Ryan Yousefi

Several businesses received complaints about not following safety precautions put in place by the Center for Disease Control in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Since March 1, Tamarac received 83 complaints from customers not wearing masks, to businesses failing to put in place a social distancing plan, or not following sanitizing procedures within their store.

Lauderhill businesses received 64 complaints while North Lauderdale received 1,017. While North Lauderdale has seen a much higher number of complaints filed, 926 of the calls have ended without a warning or citation being issued. 


On September 4, Book a Stay at 7061 West Commercial Boulevard received a complaint alleging the call center with its 15 employees who work in close vicinity to one another had no mask requirement and no social distancing. The complaint also alleges employees were coughing on each other, and there were no guidelines to protect people inside the business. 

On September 18, Rootz Bar-n-Cafe at 7168 North University Drive, a complaint led to a warning alleging no masks were being worn inside.


On September 24, Sonic Drive-Thru, located at 8188 West Commercial Boulevard, received complaints alleging its employees were not wearing masks or gloves while preparing and/or delivering food.

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On September 20, Universal Nails, at 5407 North University Drive, received a warning after a caller alleged staff and patrons were e not wearing masks properly. The caller also indicated in the complaint that Universal Nails only sanitized after being asked to do so, and was otherwise not following any safety procedures. 

On September 13, Century Nails, at 1180 North State Road 7, received a citation after a caller complained the location was packed full of people with no sanitization or social distancing measures being taken. 

North Lauderdale

 On September 5, a caller alleged in a complaint about U-Haul at 1700 State Road 7, the clerk was not wearing a mask the entire time they were being helped. 

If you believe a Tamarac business is not complying with emergency orders or CDC guidelines, you can submit a complaint to Tamarac.org/coronavirus  or call 311.

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