Armed Accomplice Arrested in Pizza Delivery Home Invasion Robbery

Armed Accomplice Arrested in Pizza Delivery Driver's Home Invasion Robbery

Luis Rodriguez. {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

An additional arrest has been made relating to the August 6 incident where an older woman in Tamarac was robbed at her home, orchestrated by a familiar face.

Juan Millan, 20, a pizza delivery driver from Tamarac who had gained the victim’s trust, was arrested the same day. Millan later confessed to setting up the robbery and implicated his two accomplices.

One of them was Luis Rodriguez, 21, of Margate, who was recently taken into custody after details emerged from Millan’s confession.

Millan revealed that he had unlocked the victim’s front door, enabling Rodriguez and another man to access the property.

Tamarac Talk is currently withholding the identity of this second accomplice, as charges have not been filed against him. This individual has aided detectives with their investigation, revealing critical information that led to Rodriguez’s arrest.

Upon questioning, the uncharged man admitted to being at the scene but denied threatening the victim or taking her possessions. Instead, he placed the blame squarely on Rodriguez, even suggesting a call to him to confirm the events.

Following this lead, detectives reached out to Rodriguez, who, during a subsequent in-person meeting at the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, confessed to wielding a black BB gun and threatening the victim. As he was taken into custody, he displayed remorse, expressing a wish to apologize to the victim personally.

Earlier reports from Tamarac Talk dated August 6 stated that upon responding to the initial 911 call, BSO found the victim at her home, where she reported being threatened by two men who then made off with her purse and other personal items.

She pinpointed Millan as the mastermind behind the crime, recalling his visits under the pretense of being a friendly delivery driver from the Pizza Stop & Restaurant at 8275 North Pine Island Road.

Notably, this establishment has since shut its doors permanently and has set its Facebook page to private.

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