Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputy Honored for Saving Child’s Life

BSO Deputy Henry Guzman is issued a proclamation by the Mayor and City Commission.  His wife is to his left.

BSO Deputy Henry Guzman is issued a proclamation by the Mayor and City Commission and Tamarac Fire Operations Chief Percy Sayles. His wife is to his left.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

One Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputy was hailed as a hero by the Tamarac City Commission for saving a child’s life.

The incident happened on July 27, when Deputy Henry Guzman was called to the Inn Town Suites for a reported choking. Upon his arrival, the mother Laquisha Davis, 24, reported that her son, one year-old Cartier Williams, who had eaten a handful of Mott’s brand fruit snacks had stopped breathing and began to seize.  Davis said that she began CPR and was able to get a piece out, but Cartier became unresponsive.

Guzman immediately took Cartier, turning him face down on his forearm while supporting his head, and began administering back blows with the palm of his hand between the shoulder blades.  Cartier still remained unresponsive so Guzman continued the back blows while walking down to the first floor to wait for Fire Rescue. 

After the third set of back blows, two pieces of the fruit snack fell out of Cartier’s mouth.  He turned him over and observed him take a partial breath, cough, then cry for a second and began to pass out again.  Guzman continued with the back blows all the way down the stairs and out into the parking lot.  As he stepped into the parking lot, two more pieces of fruit snack came out of his mouth as he began to cough and cry.

According to the report, the obstructed airway was cleared as Tamarac Fire Rescue arrived on the scene. Guzman handed the child over to the EMT’s who advised that Cartier was breathing, conscious, and responding. Tamarac Fire Rescue then transported Cartier and Davis to Coral Springs Medical Center for treatment.

“Unfortunately we get so many calls for an accident, suicide, homicide  – that if you can be in a position to save a life, it’s a great thing, ” said Captain Neal Glassman who said BSO officers receive certification in CPR from the American Heart association. “This year everyone in Tamarac received four hours as part of our in-service training.” 

Fire Chief Mike Burton requested that Mayor Harry Dressler issue a proclamation for Guzman’s critical actions for saving the life of Cartier on August 27, 2015.

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