Is Charter School Embarrassed By City Name?

Renaissance-Tamarac_edited-1By: Sharon Aron Baron

What does it tell you about an organization that doesn’t want the public to know exactly where they are located?

Renaissance Charter School, owned by Charter Schools USA is located in what was the former Target store building.  Apparently, they don’t want you to know they are in Tamarac because judging by their name, Renaissance Charter Schools at University, they would rather be known for a street rather than by having the name of our city attached.

Renaissance-CharterAnd by University, they mean University Drive.  Not an educational institution for advanced learning. Perhaps they hope that unsuspecting parents will believe that Renaissance Charter school is affiliated with a University.

What’s baffling is how did they get away with this? When the school appeared before the commission for approval, did they leave this part of their name out?  Did anyone question why the city’s name wouldn’t be associated with the school? After all, their other schools have the name of the city where they are located as part of their name: 

  • Renaissance Charter School at Cooper City
  • Renaissance Charter School at Coral Springs
  • Renaissance Charter School at Pines
  • Renaissance Charter School at Plantation

….and then there’s Renaissance Charter School at University.

All we get is named after a lousy street –  and an ugly one at that.  

Are they embarrassed by our City?

To the school’s credit, it received received an A-rating from the Florida Department of State, but sources from the school say that Charter Schools USA teaches to the State tests which makes one question if these students really learning. 

After repeated requests for answers as to the missing “Tamarac” in their name, no one will get back to us. But this doesn’t surprise us. We were the ones that wrote about Charter Schools USA Founder Jonathan Hage along with his wife Sherry, who is the Chief Academic Officer who won’t even send their four children to their own schools – which says a lot about their faith in Charter Schools USA. They prefer to make their children’s educational investment in tony Pine Crest School – a private school where tuition can exceed $25,000 per child.

Parents in Tamarac should show them there are other choices that we too can make for our children’s educational investment. Because if Tamarac isn’t good enough for Charter Schools USA, then Charter Schools USA isn’t good enough for Tamarac. 

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