Christmas Reunion: Soldier Travels From South Korea to Surprise Mom

Video captured by Ann Myers’ daughter.

By Agrippina Fadel

A Tamarac mother of nine who didn’t expect to have all her children home for Christmas was in for a big surprise with the help of the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Ann Myers had not seen her youngest son Army Sgt. Greg Hardy since September of 2019, when he was deployed to South Korea.

However, on Christmas day, he surprised his mom with a visit.

Myers recalls on her Facebook page opening a front door to find a deputy informing her there was a robbery at the nearby Tamarac Community Center. They needed her to identify the suspect when her son emerged from the BSO vehicle.

Both her son and the officer received big hugs from the happy mom.

Myers said she did not expect to see her youngest for Christmas because his request for leave wasn’t granted. Yet, her heart was still hoping for a miracle.

“Christmas morning has passed, and I was disappointed. To see him come out of that car – every emotion in me just went nuts. It was the best Christmas present ever; I could not hold him any tighter,” she said.

Three days before Christmas, Hardy’s captain approved his leave, and he was on the next flight home – a journey taking him nearly 24 hours.

Together with his siblings, Hardy decided to surprise his mom and enlisted the help of Tamarac’s BSO officers, who were happy to participate in the family reunion.

“We talk on zoom all the time, but it is not the same as having him here. It is great to have him home, together with all my girls. It was an amazing feeling that I would never forget,” said Myers.

With nine children — including three adopted — Myers says life can be a struggle at times as a single parent.

“…But I push my kids to do the best they can and strive in life. To see my son prosper and build a career in the military makes me very proud,” she said.

Myers added her son is following in the footsteps of his older brother James, stationed in Tallahassee, who has accomplished a lot in his short time in the military.

“I hope he can make his dreams come true. Some people say he looks like a young Colin Powell. I see a great future for him and love him to the moon and back,” she added.

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