Apply Now: City of Tamarac Hiring New City Commissioner


By: Sharon Aron Baron

Following last week’s dispersal of an $8,000 check to basically get Patte Atkins-Grad out of Tamarac, the position for city commissioner has now been publicized on the city website.

The Notice of City Commission Vacancy was posted on the City of Tamarac website on Monday. All vacant District 2 Commission seat applications are available online and must be submitted by Thursday, September 26, 2013, to Tamarac City Hall.  It specifies that all applicants must be registered voters in the city and must reside in District 2.

Oh, and one more thing… also won’t hurt if your name is Michelle Gomez because, let’s be honest, if you plan on applying for this position, you’ll be up against the odd-on favorite, and you may just be wasting your time if you apply.


Gomez applied and was selected through this same process back in 2010 when Atkins-Grad was suspended after being arrested for corruption charges.   She has deep roots in Tamarac. She’s an Attorney, and the Mayor and other commissioners like her a lot.

Here’s the kicker:   Gomez hasn’t missed a beat since she had to step down when Atkins-Grad was reinstated back in December.  Not one bit.

Most people would have taken their temporary positions and gone back to their regular lives.   Gomez continued attending city commission meetings and workshops.  When she wasn’t in attendance, she was watching them through web-streaming online.   Gomez could also be seen around District 2 attending HOA District meetings as well.  She could tell anyone which new businesses had moved in and which ones had closed.

The application process is open to everyone.  My guess is it’s a formality, a legal formality, of course. Michelle Gomez will be selected and will be back in the Commissioner’s seat soon.

And she’ll already be up to speed.

Would you like to apply? The application is here.

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Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron
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