City Strokes its Ego with Useless Award

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Did you know that the City of Tamarac won a Palladium Award for Efficiency?

Does anyone besides the folks at Palladium central even care?

TamagramNot only did they brag about this on the cover of our latest Tam-A-Gram, but those in attendance from the cities of Tamarac and Sunrise had to sit through this boring video during a festive Chamber holiday party in December.  City Manager Michael Cernech was proud of his special moment where he accepted the award in Boston and wanted everyone to see it.

Sadly, after that four minute video, the party lost its momentum.

How much time and money was spent for both Cernech and Management Analyst Bernadette Hughes to work on this endeavor?  How much did it cost our city for the two of them to fly to Boston to accept this award?

No one in this city, or any other city knows what a Palladium award is, and to show you how important it is, only 82 people have viewed this video so far.

I also want to know why our city worked to compete for this self-serving award when others don’t?

According to the city, the Palladium Award honors organizations throughout the world who translate strategic concepts into measurable results.

“We clearly articulate our priorities and use the balanced scorecard process to link strategy to our daily operations” said City Manager Michael Cernech. “Scorecards successfully help guide our daily decisions because we can easily see the cause and effect relationship between our actions and the outcomes.”


Although the city manager may act like it’s a big honor, the truth is, you apply to get this award.  They don’t just come looking for you.

Once an application and supporting material is received, it is reviewed by a panel of experts. Final selections are made by Drs. Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton.”  – From the Palladium Group Website

As if there wasn’t enough ego-stroking already, now there are new banners hanging all over the city boasting about Tamarac winning the Palladium Award.

I like our city manager, he’s a good guy and a smart man who gives me lots of great material on here. However, we really need to be bragging about winning something that makes our city beautiful or a great place to move too. But boasting about how efficiently you run our city complete with street banners?   Sounds like someone needs something to put on the ole resume.

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Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron
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