Don’t Patronize Businesses That Litter Tamarac with Snipe Signs

You know what time it is? Snipe sign time! Why don’t you call the snipers and let them know how we feel about their lousy signs?

You don’t need a calender to know that tax season is around the corner, just follow the snipe signs.

If you aren’t familiar with the term “snipe signs” they’re those pesky little signs on sticks that businesses that are too cheap to advertise through other means use to infiltrate our neighborhoods and streets.  They usually put these eyesores out in the middle of the night, hence the name snipe because they are very sneaky as to when they do this.

Here’s the deal:  Don’t ever, ever use a tax service where you get the name and number from a snipe sign.  That’s rule number one.  These fly-by-night companies don’t usually employ legitimate accountants and ask for hefty up-front fees or a large portion of your tax return.  Stay away from them and use a reputable company.

Here is an example of the kind of person who will be preparing your taxes from an ad they have posted:

LOOKING FOR TAX PREPARERS $11 an HOUR!! NO EXPERIENCE  – Craigslist › … › jobs › admin/office jobsShare

The City of Tamarac is doing all it can to get rid of the signs.  Last year it finally got the robo-calling system and they say they are using this on them.   Their Code Compliance team is picking up the signs throughout the City on a daily basis as well. 
However, just as soon as they them up, hours later, they will be back in the same spot.

Here’s the easy part:  It’s usually the same tax company using the same phone number.   Something tells me we need to rev up that robo-calling dialer and have it go non-stop because there are only a couple numbers they are using.   Let’s pound them day and night until they pick up their own signs, plus charge them a fee.

This isn’t the first time this company has done this.  Seems as though pickings are good in Tamarac and they are coming back for more because these are the same phone numbers used as last year.

Jennifer Bramley, Director of Community Development said, ” We will continue to pull the signs, but the best remedy is going to be the end of tax season.”

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Sharon Aron Baron
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