Elvin Villalobos Appointed First Hispanic Vice Mayor in Tamarac

elvin Villalobos

Elvin Villalobos

By Selene Raj

In a historic moment for Tamarac, Elvin Villalobos, who was sworn in as a commissioner just three weeks ago, was appointed vice mayor by his colleagues in a unanimous vote.

Mayor Michelle Gomez first opened the item up for nominations at their commission meeting on December 9.

At that point, any of the commissioners could have nominated someone, or even themselves, with the exception of Mayor Gomez and outgoing Vice Mayor Bolton, to serve as the city’s vice mayor for the next year.

It is a year-long appointment that goes into effect immediately, for one year, until another vice mayor is appointed.

Commissioner Bolton then expressed that he was honored to have served this past year and nominated Villalobos.

“I think Elvin Villalobos has demonstrated his leadership abilities in the community,” said Commissioner Bolton.

This year would have been Commissioner Gelin’s turn; however, he did not nominate himself and supported Bolton’s motion to appoint Villalobos.

The commission voted for Vice Mayor Villalobos, 5-0.

With their vote, he becomes the city’s first Hispanic vice mayor, just weeks after becoming the first Hispanic commissioner.

“It’s an honor being recognized by Commissioner Bolton, and unanimously from the rest of my colleagues,” said Vice Mayor Villalobos.

He said that he also feels honored to follow Commissioner Bolton’s phenomenal involvement in his district and the city as a whole.

“Likewise, I too, will remain active not just for my district, but to represent ‘One Tamarac’ and would encourage my colleagues to do the same,” he said.

Vice Mayor Villalobos said they all have “progress” in their minds, and he feels they have exceptional leadership in their City Manager, Michael Cernech.

“I am humbled by their recognition.”

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