Facts about Neighborhood Districts in Tamarac

Facts about Neighborhood Districts in Tamarac 1

The Woodlands in Tamarac has created a Neighborhood Improvement District

The Tamarac neighborhood of the Woodlands has successfully formed their neighborhood improvement district in 2010.

What is a neighborhood improvement district or NID?

A Neighborhood Improvement District may be created in an area desiring certain public-use improvements that are paid for by special tax assessments to property owners in the area in which the improvements are made. The kinds of projects that can be financed through an NID must be for facilities used by the public, and must benefit properties within the NID.

The Woodlands has almost 900 single family homes within eight semi-independent sections.   Six of the eight sections have mandatory dues and most residents do pay. Unfortunately, there are two sections that do not have documents supporting mandatory dues payments and many residents do not care to pay their fair share.  According to Tamarac Public and Economic Officer Andy Berns, approximately 15 percent of all residents are not current on their dues.

Facts about Neighborhood Districts in Tamarac 2

The Woodlands NID is led by its homeowners.

The truth is, the Woodlands was built in 1968 and desperately needs to to stay beautiful and viable in this competitive buyers market.  In order to create a blanket payment system where  all residents pay towards security and beautification, the homeowners have formed a district where these items are voted on by homeowners. When passed, these items will be paid for, not through their monthly dues but will be paid through property taxes.

Usually when one doesn’t pay their dues,  years can go by before the money is collected.  In many cases in the Woodlands the money is never collected.  Not so with property taxes.

Here are some of the improvements the Woodlands Neighborhood Improvement District have discussed:

Improved street lighting

Playground for children – The age dynamics have changed in the Woodlands over the years

General Beautification

Security – Roving BSO patrol, gates or cameras at every entrance

 The Woodlands main priority at this time will be security including changing the funding of the security budget for BSO from the eight sections over to the NID.

It’s a new day in Tamarac where we must compete in the housing market with gated communities and newer homes in Coral Springs and Parkland.   Woodlands homes range in price from the $200’s to $2 million and the residents of the Woodlands know that they must protect and enhance their investments.

Opponents of the district may not understand how a district works or they may be happy with the status quo.  Some of them are oblivious to increased crime in the Woodlands or don’t believe there is a crime problem.  They also may not mind that many of their neighbors are not contributing in the costs to keep their community up, therefore enjoying all the benefits of security and beautification for free.

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