Kings Point Democrats are Gearing up for 2022 Midterms

Kings Point Democrats are Gearing up for 2022 Midterms 1

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By Bryan Boggiano

The Kings Point Democratic Club is gearing up for a busy election year of fundraising, meetings, and voter registration drives.

President Julie Fishman and First Vice President Geoffrey Grosky said the club is focusing on maintaining Broward County’s status as one of the safest blue counties in the state by registering, listening to, and engaging with voters.

At their meetings, members discuss current events and issues, review club affairs, and have special guest speakers, including Broward County Mayor Michael Udine, State Rep. Dan Daley, and Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried, among others.


The membership ranges from 250 to 500 residents and skews older at the 55-and-older community. Membership is open to registered Democrats only.

To engage voters further, the club continues holding voter registration drives and preparing for their annual May fundraiser.

As the only Democratic club in Tamarac, they work to reach residents beyond their community.

For 2022, the Kings Point Democrats will ensure that members and community residents are registered to vote, able to vote, and well educated on issues and candidates.

“Our single and most overreaching goal is… to enhance our party’s ability to elect Democrats,” Fishman and Geoffrey both stated. “Both 2022 and 2024 will highlight critical choices for our population in the races for US Senator from Florida, our Florida governorship, together with a 2024 primary season and final race for the US Presidency.”


Kings Point Democrats consider important issues are gun control, fair and easy voting, anti-discrimination efforts, and healthcare measures.

Going into the midterms, they acknowledge that Democrats face a steep uphill battle in maintaining congressional control due to inflation, COVID, the state of the economy, the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, a deadlocked Congress, and divisions in their own party.

But, Fishman and Geoffrey see possible solutions.

They believe that compromising, working decisively, and effectively communicating about issues that pertain to people across the political spectrum can help their electoral odds.

Don’t call these Democrats “socialists.” Both officers said that Democrats need to better explain their fiscal ideas and how they would benefit the public. They believe that doing this would minimize accusations of socialism.

“It is critical that we uphold the Democratic platform in word and deed. We need to agree to work together within the party toward a common goal of electing Democrats,” they stated. ” It is absolutely possible and absolutely necessary that we can compromise our positions without compromising our true values.”

Despite the heated political climate, Fishman and Geoffrey are thankful for Kings Point Democrat members, who continue to remain active in the community.

“We are all committed to keep working hard and smart,”  adding that working together with like-minded local Democrats toward reaching a similar ‘blue’ status across the State, toward growing population voting demographics, and to better contribute to actual election results. 

Kings Point Democrats hold meetings on the third Wednesday of each month at the Kings Point Penthouse. They alternate meetings during the day (noon to 2 p.m.) and evening (6:30 to 8:30 p.m.).

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