Man Caught Exposing Himself Arrested After Head-Butting Deputy

Man Caught Exposing Himself Arrested After Head-Butting Deputy

Darrel Battle

By Isaac Ray 

After neighbors reported a man was exposing himself, he became physical with paramedics there to help him, leading to a confrontation with deputies and subsequent arrest.

On February 23, the Broward Sheriff’s Office responded to an area near the 6100 block of 62nd Street about a call about a man, later identified as Darrel Battle, 20, of Lauderhill was reportedly lying in the grass with his pants down and his buttocks exposed. 

According to the report, deputies said that when they approached Battle, he was clearly intoxicated or under the influence of an unknown substance. Tamarac Fire Rescue placed Battle on a stretcher and moved him to the back of a vehicle for treatment. 


While paramedics were readying to treat Battle, he unlocked himself from the stretcher, unbuckled restraints, and spat at those surrounding him. Deputies made an attempt to place handcuffs on Battle to Baker Act him, but he tensed up and resisted commands. 

According to deputies, they were able to take Battle down to the ground. As he was being restrained, he asked deputies for a blue bag he had brought with him. When told that the bag would be kept for him, Battle headbutted an officer in the chest and began to fight. The deputy he struck reported he was forced to punch Battle in the face to defend himself against further attack. 

After being subdued, deputies tried to place Battle in the back of their cruiser, but he used his legs to fight their attempts and made repeated threats he would cause bodily harm to the deputies and their families. 

After a struggle, deputies placed Battle under arrest and transport him to the Broward County Main Jail.

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