Mother Begs Witnesses to Call Police While Son Holds Her at Knifepoint

Mother Begs Witnesses to Call Police While Son Holds Her at Knifepoint

Hector Acay (BSO)

By Ryan Yousefi

A man faces assault with a deadly weapon charges after holding his mother at knifepoint and demanding she drive him to purchase drugs.

On January 27, the Lauderhill Police Department responded to 911 calls in which witnesses described seeing a man holding a woman at knifepoint near the 4300 block of Northwest 18th Street. 

Upon arrival, eyewitnesses recounted to officers a chilling scene where a man, later identified as Hector Acay, 19, of Lauderhill, was seen holding a knife to the driver of a vehicle, later identified as his mother, while forcefully commanding her to comply with his demands.

Records show witnesses told officers Acay held the knife to his mother’s neck while yelling “Get in!” before beginning a countdown, “5,4,3,2,1…” 

Witnessing the altercation, a concerned passerby heard Acay counting down and said his mother pleaded for her to call the police.

It was later revealed during the investigation that Acay was demanding his mother take him to buy marijuana. 

Officers encountered a volatile situation on the scene, as Acay’s erratic behavior escalated as he began to rage against their commands physically, even further threatening his mother in their presence. 

Despite attempts to de-escalate the situation by separating the two, Acay confronted his mother aggressively, taking a threatening posture that prompted immediate police intervention. When officers attempted to subdue him, Acay refused to comply, instead fleeing and leading them on a brief pursuit on foot, culminating in his apprehension in a nearby parking lot. 

Officers used a taser on Acay multiple times, but it was ineffective. Eventually, they were able to place Acay under arrest.

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