Opinion: Tamarac Should Begin the Process of Selecting a Permanent City Attorney

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Hans Ottinot

Dear Mayor Gomez and City Commissioners:

Hans Ottinot just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

The latest antics are featured in another Herald Article dated February 23, 2021, North Miami Beach Manager Resigns, Keeps City Car, and An 8-Month Consulting Job.

This Herald article reminds everyone that “In late January when the city [North Miami Beach] commission voted 4-3 to fire its contract law firm, Weiss Sertoa Helfman Cole & Bierman, and hire an interim firm, Ottinot Law P.A., Mayor Anthony DeFillipo and other commissioners called for a vetting process and accused their colleagues of possible Sunshine Law violations.”

So let’s get this straight.  North Miami Beach is one of the largest cities in Miami-Dade County.  Its population is over 40,000.  It has its own police, large water utility, and parks, etc.  So the public is to believe that by magic, the North Miami Beach commissioners just decided to fire one of the best municipal firms in the country and chose to hire a one-man law firm.  If it were not so criminally outrageous to that City’s taxpayers, it would be a joke.  The Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office is looking into the matter.

Remember, you all met and discussed how to replace Goren and decided to hire an interim city attorney for a short time while a bid was put together for a permanent firm.

You also decided that whoever you chose as the interim city attorney would not be considered for the permanent position.

You also told our community that you would make this process quickly.

Nothing has happened since then, except that it is clear that Ottinot is playing favorites and giving confusing opinions instead of giving sound legal advice.  What is taking so long?!?  I really hope that what is going on in North Miami Beach is not a prelude to what is going to play out in our Tamarac backyard with the Broward County State Attorney’s Office.

Barbara Kramer, one of the North Miami Beach Commissioners, said it best, “I’ll be damned if you think you’re gonna pull this again,” she accused her colleagues, who are now being investigated by the Miami-Dade County State Attorney, of trying to “ram” an interim manager “up our a–es. . . like you did with the city attorney.”

There is also another article in VotersOpinion.com, Team Apocalypse Ready To Burn It All Down.  Welcome To The “New” North Miami Beach! (Part 4). www.votersopinion.com.

I ask again, why involve yourselves and Tamarac in this Ottinot mess?

Do not think that my neighbors and I are not paying attention to what is going on.  We watched and read about the unfortunate resignation of Sam Goren because of the ugly, false claims of his untrustworthiness by Commissioner Bolton.

Looking back on these events, it seems like Bolton’s comments were designed to result in Goren’s resignation so that Ottinot could be inserted, based on false statements about a “quick”  bid process, as our city’s interim attorney.  I

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pointed out in my last email to you all that it doesn’t matter whether these claims are true or not.  They are serious and unresolved, and our city should begin the process of selecting a permanent new city attorney in a fair and open selection process.

Finally, the last time I wrote you all Commissioner Bolton emailed me directly and only asked me for my name and where I live in Tamarac.  I found it strange, unfortunate, and personally threatening that his email ignored the criminal allegations involving Ottinot and the fact that the commission has not begun the bid process.

My neighbors and I  thank you for your service.

A. Losa

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