Resident Hopes Newly Elected Commissioner Learns to Think Independently

Resident Hopes Newly Elected Commissioner Learns to Think Independently 1

Newly Elected Commissioner Julie Fishman

By: Joe Morguess

On April 19, Tamarac’s District 3 will be holding their Neighborhood Meeting with Commissioner Julie Fishman. It will be interesting to see if our commissioner finally addresses her conspicuous lack of support and compassion for District 3 residents, including Kings Point, throughout the charter school controversy.  

Julie Fishman was elected last November, however, back in 2015 and 2016, when she was a candidate for office, she made a choice to remain silent while our community protested the charter school that the city wanted to build in a public park in our backyard.  While we all were looking for answers, never a word was heard from her.  

It was expected of all candidates at the time to at least acknowledge and demonstrate an understanding of the frustrations of the community they were running to represent, or to show leadership with conciliatory remarks to ease the tension.  

Her choice to remain silent throughout calls into question the capacity for independent thinking, and raises doubts about one’s ability, courage and willingness to stand up for one’s community during controversial issues. 

It is hoped Commissioner Fishman can change this perception and instill confidence as well as demonstrate independent thinking during her current term, and the April 19 Neighborhood Meeting is a good place to start.

The District 3 Neighborhood meeting will be held at  6:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 19 at the Kings Point Club House 7620 Nob Hill Road.