Resident Shares Views on Golf Course, Street Condition and Charter School

Dick Brown at the Neighborhood meeting in April

Dick Brown at the Neighborhood meeting in April

Woodmont resident Dick Brown, Vice President of the Pines III Homeowners Association shares his thoughts on the current conditions of the golf course, the streets, and the charter school proposal.

By: Dick Brown

Residents that live, adjacent to and near the defunct Pines Golf Course at Woodmont County Club are both frustrated and saddened by not only the appearance of the course but the inability of the owners to properly maintain it.

We were out and out lied to, when we were told for the second time that they were killing the grass and weeds for the purpose of plowing and replanting the defunct course. It was obviously a ploy, so they wouldn’t have to mow and trim. Promises made by them are meaningless. Agreements appear to be worthless. The City of Tamarac is obviously unable to force owner Mark Schmidt to maintain the property that is bordered by a dead ficus hedge.

The property hasn’t been properly maintained for at least twelve years. We don’t understand why The City doesn’t maintain it, bill them, and fine them for non-compliance. We believe that this property was bought for the soul purpose of developing it as a housing project, even though at the time there was a covenant that ran on the land stating that the golf courses had to be maintained in perpetuity.

82nd Street

But then again it really goes along with 82nd street: The beautiful short four-lane street that was converted to an ugly two-lane street with two unused bike paths.

From the first time we complained about the ugly street, we were told it was a Broward County project, and had nothing to do with the city. The city had no input. Obviously someone didn’t tell us the truth. The County referred us to John Doherty in Tamarac. Then, at the District Four meeting when I bitterly complained about 82nd Street, Public Works Director Jack Strain couldn’t care less what the people wanted. He believes 82nd street is functional and that’s all that matters.

The street is unsightly, bumpy, and fraught was danger. Strain justifies it by saying there have been only two accidents ever reported on that street. How many people have to be injured or killed before he’ll admit that someone erred? Nine entrances and soon to be ten, to a street four blocks long. Uneven lanes and terrible patch work. The more it’s patched, the worse it looks. People use the bike paths as vehicular lanes of traffic and traffic is backed up during the beginning and ending of the school day.

Strain spoke at the District Four meeting, he appeared to be smug, condescending and arrogant, as well as unconcerned about the homeowners. The street should be completely re-paved. He had the audacity to state that the beauty of the street doesn’t matter. Tamarac has spent millions of dollars to beautify our city, and he said the looks of the ugly street really doesn’t matter.

Charter School

We learned that our City Manager Michael Cernech really doesn’t give a darn about the citizens of Tamarac or what we want or how we feel as evidenced at the District Four meeting, the one that ended up being a District Three meeting due to the hundreds protesting the proposed charter school “We don’t need it, we don’t want it.” The excellent public schools surrounding us are all under-enrolled at this time. To put a charter school in the middle of a senior citizen community is ludicrous.

Cernech was asked if he would put his kids in a charter school and he answered that he would. Sure, that’s why he lives where he does. Not even one person there spoke in favor of a charter school. One woman from District Three asked him where he lives, even though she was chastised for it by the mayor. We thought it was a darn good question and based on his answer, he lives in Parkland. He previously lived in Coral Springs and both cities are well-respected for their excellent public schools.

This is the reason that those we hire to look after our city, should also live in our city. Also, when these people don’t give a hoot about us, and they work for us, as was brought up by several other Districts. They should be immediately replaced.

Dick Brown VP Pines III