Scott Israel and Louie Granteed Respond to “Robogate” Allegations

Democrats across Broward County were inundated with robocalls last week and another one again tonight which target Broward Sheriff Candidate Louie Granteed.

In one call, the organization “Tea Party Miami” seemed to be endorsing Granteed for Sheriff, which in case you didn’t know is the kiss-of-death for a Democrat candidate.

Israel’s campaign manager Amy Rose denies his involvement in the calls believing Tallahassee consultant Todd Wilder was behind them.

Israel released this statement today:

Former police Chief Scott Israel (Democrat) today called on all outside groups to stay out of the Broward Sheriff’s race:

I understand outside persons and groups have a free speech right to express their political views. However, I strongly call on all outside groups to stop their attacks in the Sheriff’s race. Not only in these closing days of the primary campaign, but for the remainder of the general election race,” said Israel.

My opponent and I have each been targets of attacks from outside groups. I hope voters will ignore all these negative attacks made against each of us. I am proud that my campaign only produced positive advertisements in support of my own candidacy. We did not spend one dime attacking my primary opponent. Unfortunately, my opponent Louie Granteed cannot say the same.”

From the Campaign of Louis Granteed:

Media outlets have been calling Scott Israel and his supporters out for this negative campaigning. See below for a few clips highlighting what others have to say about his tactics:

Buddy Nevins from the Broward Beat: “The person has been curiously silent about all this-Scott Israel. Where is the statement from Israel denouncing these cynical political dirty tricks? With this campaign and his refusal to immediately call for a stop to the smears, Israel is showing us what type of sheriff he will be.” (, printed August 13, 2012)

Sun Sentinel editorial board: ” Leadership, Israel says, is his strong suit. Regrettably, that claim gets lost amid the campaign he’s conducting against his opponent, Louis Granteed” (,0,5786560.story printed August 4, 2012)

Will the robocalls make a difference in this race?

Probably not. Israel ran against Lamberti in 2008 and anyone that goes to the polls tomorrow and doesn’t know Granteed from Israel, may choose Israel based on name recognition alone.

As they say in the appropriately named Gore Vidal play, “May the Best Man Win.”


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