State Rep Dan Daley: An Appeal to Floridians, Regardless of Party

Dan Daley

State Rep. Dan Daley

By State Rep. Dan Daley

I’m a 30-year-old Democratic state representative from Broward County. It’s no surprise that as a Democrat, I represent one of Florida’s most progressive enclaves.

What’s more surprising is that I used to be a Republican – a moderate, back when those existed. I left the GOP before the rise of Donald Trump for numerous reasons.

But regardless of party, I’m writing this appeal as a Floridian first.

We have never been more divided as a state or country. Much responsibility for that division falls at the feet of our current president. Time and again, Donald Trump has had an opportunity to unite this country and has fallen short. Joe Biden has the moral leadership, compassion, and determination to unite the country and heal the divisive wounds that plague our people.

Joe Biden has devoted his entire life to this nation. From his time as a young county councilmember to his tenure in the United States Senate and service as Vice President, Joe Biden has consistently fought for every American – regardless of party, color, or creed.

The past four years have shown just how much moral leadership matters. While Donald Trump has played to our nation’s crudest sensibilities, Joe Biden personifies a decent, moral life, both public and in private. He’s suffered a greater loss than many could ever imagine. It’s why he loves the way he does, consoles the way he does, and leads the way he does.

When two NYPD police officers were murdered while sitting in their patrol car, it was Joe Biden who went to the funeral, met with the families, and helped unify the nation.

When nine parishioners were senselessly gunned down at a Black church in Charleston, it was Joe Biden who grieved with their loved ones, spoke at the first service, and brought us together.

While there were no words that could heal the wounds in New York City or Charleston, Joe Biden showed us he knew what it meant to suffer loss, he understands the challenges that real people face, and he will always seek to unify our country in the wake of our darkest days.

Over 216,000 American lives have been lost to the deadliest virus in more than a century in the past eight months. Black Americans fear for their lives while going for a jog or sleeping in their bed. Police officers feel shunned because of the actions of some who should have never been given a badge in the first place. Domestic terrorists plot to kidnap and behead a sitting Governor because of radicalism stoked by our Commander in Chief.

I may be young, but this is the most divisive time I have ever witnessed. It didn’t have to be this bad. And it doesn’t have to go on like this.

Throughout his life, Joe Biden has demonstrated an extraordinary focus on the things that bring us together, instead of the things that tear us apart. When Joe says this election is a battle for the soul of this nation, you’d better believe it.

I want my future children to be proud of our country. I want them to be proud of our President.

I want them to be proud of me and to know that in a time of great consequence, I joined with many Americans who will put party aside, appeal to our highest values, and do what’s best for our country and all her people.

That begins with electing Joe Biden as President. And it continues with each of us.

Dan Daley serves as State Representative for District 97 in the Florida House of Representatives and represents Coral Springs, Tamarac, Sunrise, and Plantation. He was first elected at age 22 to the Coral Springs City Commission.

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