Eating in bed and Other Crimes in Tamarac Through March 8

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By Jill Fox

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents, this is a summary of crimes that occurred in Tamarac through March 8.

On March 3, at the 5600 block of NW 47 Lane, the Broward Sheriff’s Office was called after a heated argument took place between a husband, wife, and sister-in-law over a plate of food her husband had in his bedroom.

Auto Theft

5510 NW 31 Ave – Prospect Park
On March 3, the victim reported she had parked her vehicle in her parking spot overnight, and it was stolen. There were no signs of forced entry, and the victim had all the keys to the vehicle.

8301 West Commercial Blvd – Comfort Suites
On March 3, the victim left his Enterprise rental car parked in the hotel parking lot at 6:00 p.m. The hotel security guard observed a male suspect drive the vehicle away on March 4 at 1 a.m. The victim believes he accidentally left the keys in the unlocked vehicle.

10100 block of North Nob Hill Road – Vizcaya Villas
On March 4, the victim had his Dodge Caravan stolen from his parking spot overnight.

9100 block of Whistable Wk – Hampton Hills
On March 6, an unknown suspect stole the victim’s white Camaro from his driveway overnight.

5921 Glasgow Way – Hampton Hills
On March 6, someone entered an unlocked Lexus, overnight. Sunglasses and clothing were taken.


4017 West Commercial Blvd – 24 Hour Fitness
On March 5, the complainant advised suspects were in a verbal altercation, and a firearm was displayed during the time the incident occurred. No arrests were made.

Burglary Conveyance

2600 block of NW 53 Street – Boulevards Of Tamarac
On March 3, the victim reported two males driving in a grey sedan pulled next to his trailer, which was left opened and removed lawn equipment overnight.

4800 block of NW 59 Street – Central Parc
On March 4, two unknown males were observed via surveillance cameras checking door handles. The victim’s vehicle was ransacked, and a backpack containing 2 US Passports was stolen from the vehicle. The items were recovered in the roadway a block away from the victim’s home.


6000 block of North Sabal Palm Boulevard – Sabal Palm Community
On March 4, the victim reported he had his vehicle rummaged through by someone during the night, but nothing appeared to be missing.

4900 block of East Sabal Palm Blvd – Sabal Palm Community
On March 4, the suspect(s) gained entry to the victim’s white Oldsmobile through the unlocked front door. The victim’s miscellaneous property was taken.

6400 block of North University Drive – University Shoppes and Office Suites
On March 5, the victim reported an unknown subject(s) entered his vehicle, ransacked the center console, glove box, ashtray, and removed a wallet and cash. There were no signs of forced entry.

10700 block of NW 81 Street – Westwood Community
On March 5, the victim took her dog to the park and left her vehicle unlocked. When she arrived home, she noticed her purse and wallet were stolen.

4499 W Commercial Blvd – Hampton Inn
On March 5, the victim’s vehicle was burglarized at the Hampton Inn.

9100 block of Chambers Street – Hampton Hills
On March 6, a witness observed two unknown suspects making entry into the victim’s vehicle while parked in her driveway. The vehicle was unlocked, and nothing was stolen.

5900 block of Royal Way – Hampton Hills
On March 6, the victim reported someone entered the victim’s Volkswagon Tiguan and Toyota Tacoma overnight. Items from the glovebox were ransacked, but there was no loss.

4100 block of Lakeside Drive – Lakeside Condos
On March 6, the victim advised that her unlocked minivan was burglarized during the overnight hours.

5900 block of NW 55th Lane – Village at Woodland Lakes
On March 6, the deputy met with the caller referencing an unknown suspect(s) who broke into his work van and stole his vehicle dash camera.

9700 block of West McNab Road – Tamarac Gardens East
On March 7, the victim reported her airbag was stolen out of her Honda Civic. A neighbor witnessed a male wearing a baseball cap, in his late 20’s or 30’s, inside her vehicle and leaving in a lime green newer model Toyota Camry.

Criminal Mischief

7400 NW 80 Court /NW 74 Terrace – Heathgate Racquetball Court
On March 2, an unknown suspect sprayed graffiti on the racquetball court and children’s playground. On March 5, an unknown subject(s) spray-painted graffiti on the racquetball court, basketball backboard, and playground during the overnight hours.

7827 Exeter Blvd E – Exeter Condos
On March 5, an unknown suspect(s) vandalized the victim’s Toyota Venza while parked in her driveway. The suspect(s) damaged the driver side rearview mirror and driver side rear tire.


5100 West Commercial Blvd – Ace Cash Express
On March 3, the offender attempted to cash a counterfeit business check (Platinum Choice Healthcare LLC) at a check-cashing store. The offender was taken into custody.


2099 West Prospect Road – Excelsior Charter School
On March 5, the reporting person advised that an unknown female walked onto the school property to cut through as a short cut, and when he asked her to leave, she became combative.

5700 block of White Hickory Circle – Woodlands Country Club
On March 8, two adult females were knocked down by their neighbor’s dog.

Lost Property

7400 block of North Devon Drive
On March 5, a deputy was dispatched to the location in reference to a possible lost or found property. Contact was made with the caller via landline, who advised she lost her blue leather wallet that had her retired police badge and police identification card from the City of Poughkeepsie in an unknown area. An event report was written.

9330 Lime Bay Blvd – Lime Bay Condominiums
On March 5, deputies responded to the location in reference to vandalism. Contact was made with the complainant, who advised an unknown subject(s) vandalized the location. The deputy and victim walked to the rear of her residence where the cable wire was located, and after physically looking at the cable wire, the deputy observed the cable wire was just detached.

Municipal Ordinance Violation

The intersection of West McNab Road & North Pine Island Road
On March 4, a report was generated for Tamarac Code Enforcement. Individuals were soliciting within the city for the business Florida Home Improvement Associates` by walking car to car at the intersections, carrying signs, and handing out flyers.

Theft – retail, shoplifting

C5767 North University Drive – Five Below
On March 5, three unknown females entered Five Below and stole several items from the store. The incident was captured on CCTV. The total loss was $110.

5775 North University Drive – Sally’s Beauty Supply
On March 8, the store assistant manager observed the subject take merchandise from the shelf and run out of the store. He was able to take a photo of the subject’s vehicle. The total amount of the loss was $112.48.

3914 West Commercial Blvd – Walgreens
On March 3, the victim reported a male subject entered the store, pretended to be buying socks, and then took nine pairs of socks and fled the store.

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