Tamarac Crime Update: Latest Incidents Through October 18

By Jill Fox

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents, this is a summary of crimes that occurred in Tamarac through October 18.  Names of those not arrested have been redacted.

Animal Bite

8300 block of Sands Point Blvd
On October 15, deputies received a call about an animal bite. The child, 10, was riding his bicycle when a black pitbull ran towards him and bit him in the right upper arm.

Auto Theft

4900 block of East Sabal Palm Blvd – Sabal Palm Community
On October 13, a gray Honda CRV was stolen from the parking lot in front of the victim’s apartment by an unknown suspect(s).

7700 block of NW 78th Ave
On October 15, deputies received a call of a stolen vehicle from the parking lot at the residence. The victim noticed his vehicle parked at approximately 6:30 p.m. as he was leaving for work and noticed his vehicle was gone at approximately 3:30 a.m.

7700 block of NW 79th Ave
On October 18, a White Honda Accord Sport was stolen from the complex.

Burglary Conveyance

8500 block of NW 80th Street
On October 8, the victim reported unlawful entry into her Audi Q5. No property was taken. A video of the incident was collected.

6190 Woodlands Blvd – The Gate Condominiums
On October 12, deputies met with multiple victims referencing six vehicles getting burglarized overnight. Nothing of value was taken from the vehicles.

7406 NW 58th Street
On October 13, deputies responded to an auto theft that took place overnight. The victim said his wife left her vehicle doors unlocked and the spare key to his car was inside the center console.

4000 block of Lakeside Drive – Lakeside Apartments
On October 13, the victim reported his unlocked vehicle was burglarized. Three Invicta watches were taken ($547). There were no latent fingerprints, witnesses, or video surveillance.

7300 block of NW 57th Place
On October 13, an unknown person opened the victim’s unlocked car door and stole his debit card and Florida Drivers License.

7600 block of Westwood Drive
On October 13, the victim reported an unknown suspect(s) broke into his vehicle and took $5.00.

10000 block of Southgate Blvd – Tephford Park
On October 13, an unknown suspect(s) smashed the victim’s driver side rear window and stole a Coach bag containing a small Coach Shoulder bag with numerous credit and debit cards, one King James Bible, two diamond rings and $140.

8300 block of Sands Point Blvd – Sand Point Condos
On October 15, an unknown subject(s) used an unknown object to smash two vehicles’ passenger windows to gain entry. A Bowie knife ($25) was taken from one vehicle and nothing was taken from the second vehicle.

10003 Southgate Blvd – Tephford Park
On October 16, an unknown suspect(s) smashed the victim’s right rear window and stole a Michael Kors handbag containing numerous credit and debit cards, pepper spray (civilian grade), prescribed medications, Yellow Gold Band, a small wallet, and misc documents.

7200 West McNab Road – MedPro Billing Services
On October 18, a male, about 6-feet tall made forced entry into the front driver side window and fled the area in a Nissan Sentra. Nothing was stolen.

4500 block of NW 45th Street – Mainlands
On October 18, a Ford Mustang was ransacked per the victim. Nothing was stolen from the vehicle and the point of entry was not obvious.

Burglary Residence

4000 block of Lakeside Drive – Lakeside condos
On October 15, an unknown person entered the apartment via a possibly unlocked rear window and ransacked the apartment. The suspect stole a wallet containing documents and money.

Criminal Mischief

8199 North University Drive
On October 17, an unknown female suspect vandalized the victim’s vehicle.

Property Damage

8101 Southgate Blvd – Gary B. Jones Dog Park
On October 12, the victim stated that an unknown object cracked her driver’s side window while at the dog park.

3816 NW 49th Street – Tow Maxx Towing
On October 16, deputies responded to a dispute between management and a customer at tow yard over bumper property damage to a vehicle being picked up. Deputies advised the customer they would have to go to civil court over the property damage claimed. Pictures were taken of the damage.

Theft – all other

4999 North State Road 7
On October 8, deputies responded to the 7-Eleven in reference to an employee stealing money by loading prepaid cards using the cash registers.

Theft – retail, shoplifting

6900 North University Drive – CVS
On October 8, deputies received a call of delayed theft by three unknown suspects. After reviewing video surveillance, the store manager noticed the girl suspects stuffing bath products (Totaling $703.16) into their pants.

3914 West Commercial Blvd – Walgreens
On October 12, a female removed 4 bottles of Dove soap valued at $12.49 each and placed them in her purse. She then passed all points of sale with the items still concealed in the bag and fled in a vehicle.

8299 North Pine Island Road – Leslie’s Pool Supplies
On October 12, the victim reported an attempted burglary to Leslie’s Pool Supplies overnight. No items were taken.

3914 West Commercial Blvd – Walgreens
On October 12, a male jumped over the counter and removed 24 packs of Newport cigarettes from the wall. He placed them in a plastic bag, passed all points of sale and exited without paying. The subject left eastbound on West Commercial Blvd in an unknown vehicle.

3116 West Commercial Blvd – Three Lakes Plaza Winn-Dixie
On October 13, an adult male offender shoplifted two cases of beer from Winn-Dixie and fled on a scooter.

5763 N University Drive – New York Beauty Supply
On October 16, two unknown females attempted to shoplift two hair wigs worth a total of $700. The employee chased after the women and was able to recover both wigs.

3150 West Commercial Blvd – Family Dollar Store
On October 16, a male suspect, approximately 30 to 40 years of age, balding, slim built, wearing a silver chain, white tank top, and red shorts, was observed by the store assistant manager stealing Colgate toothpaste packages ($53.29).

4161 West Commercial Blvd– Publix Liquor
On October 16, the victim reported a suspect took two bottles of Johnny Walker – Black Label – $63.99 each. The subject fled the area in a silver car.

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