The Gary B. Jones Dog Park in Tamarac

The Gary B. Jones Dog Park in Tamarac 2

Owners and pets enjoy a morning of social activity at the Gary B Jones dog park in Tamarac, Florida.


Many of the dog owners I’ve met on my weekly trips to the dog park are the friendliest people I’ve ever come across.

The Gary B Jones Park for People and Pups, or the “Tamarac Dog Park” as I like to call it, is clean; well-maintained Dog Park that has some great features: tall water fountains for people and short ones for dogs, a dog-washing area, a large and a small dog area, covered pavilions and a concrete walking path for the adults.

When I used to visit on weekday mornings, I would find the same group of regulars sitting there with their dogs playing nearby: An interesting bunch consisting of retirees, veterans, professionals, and moms. We’d sit and talk about our dogs and work our way into conversations about our community or even politics.

The Gary B. Jones Dog Park in Tamarac 3

One dog owner likes to bring a kiddie pool for his dog to soak in on hot days.

Now that I visit on the weekends, I find an ever-changing group of people that don’t make it a habit to visit routinely but are entertaining nevertheless.

I once met a captain who ran a yacht for a multi-millionaire. He brought the owner’s wife’s dog to play. He had some fabulous stories to tell about all the countries he visited, and here he was, relegated to “dog-sitter” for the day while the yacht was getting repaired.

I also met a retired Doctor who had a standard poodle that had an uncanny resemblance to mine. I was later surprised to find out that our dogs were born from the same Breeder in West Palm Beach, just a litter apart!

Some people come to sit and enjoy one another’s company even though their dogs stay right by their side. These dogs don’t care to socialize with the other dogs; however, the owners don’t seem to mind and enjoy just getting out and visiting with other adults.

The Gary B. Jones Dog Park in Tamarac 4

Woodlands resident Debbie Toro with Jane and Gary

Tamarac residents Debbie and Eddie Toro bring their two greyhounds, Gary and Jane, every weekend. I try to meet them there, but they usually go at the crack of dawn.

Although they are both five years old, Jane and Gary were both adopted from Friends of Greyhounds at different times. The two greyhounds are retired racers from the Flagler Racetrack. “We’ve been taking Jane to the Tamarac dog park since we adopted her in 2009, and then Gary since we recently got him in July, “ said Debbie.

“I love the fact that they can run without a leash. They are racers, and they love to run just for the fun of it.”

The Gary B. Jones Dog Park in Tamarac 5

Gary was recently adopted from “Friends of Greyhounds.”

Since her dogs were primarily raised to race and not socialize, the Gary B. Jones Dog Park has been instrumental in helping her dogs adjust to being around other dogs. “They’ve learned how to run and play with the other dogs. Well, Gary is still learning as he’s still kind of shy,” explains Debbie.

So go ahead and bring your dog to the dog park soon. You may even make many new friends there. Striking up a conversation with someone is easy when you share a love for your dogs. “The dog park isn’t just a place for the pups to socialize; it is also a place for the pet parents to socialize,” says Debbie, “It’s the best way to socialize your pet. “

Visit the Gary B. Jones Park for People and Pups located at 8101 Southgate Boulevard, on Southgate Boulevard west of University Drive and Tamarac Veterans’ Park. Open every day except Mondays.

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