To the Tamarac City Commission: Interim City Attorney Has Serious Unresolved Allegations Against Him

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Hans Ottinot

Dear Mayor Gomez and City Commissioners:

I am a long-time resident of Tamarac.  I have made Tamarac my home, and my business is located here.

I do not usually get involved in politics, which can be difficult in these times.  Yet, when I read what transpired with our Attorney, I have been paying closer attention.

I am writing to express my neighbors’ deep concerns with our Interim City Attorney and his hire.  As you know, our former City Attorney abruptly resigned after 15 years of service.

After, you all met and discussed how to replace Goren and decided to hire an interim city attorney for a short time while a bid was put together for a permanent firm.

You also decided that whoever you chose as the interim city attorney would not be considered for the permanent position.  You all also told us that you would make this process fairly quickly.

That has not happened.

In the meantime, you hired Hans Ottinot as our Interim City Attorney.  It seems that you did not properly do your homework before hiring him.

He has been involved in recent incidents that call into question his ethics, judgment, and ability to follow the law.

Ottinot was fired from his former position in Sunny Isles down in Miami-Dade County.  After that, Mr. Ottinot was also investigated by the Miami-Dade County Commission on Ethics for conflict of interest issues.  It seems that he thought it was a good idea to go work for a local developer with a business in the Sunny Isles right after his termination.

A couple of weeks ago, Ottinot was also hired by the City of North Miami Beach to serve as its Interim City Attorney.  The vote to hire him took place without any public notice whatsoever and before members of the public even had a chance to comment.

It also appears that members of the North Miami Beach Commission discussed his hiring with him and among themselves before the meeting, a violation of the law. The Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office is investigating the matter.

The February 13, 2021, Miami Herald article, North Miami Beach Mayor Asks Prosecutors To Investigate City Attorney Hiring provides the details. The Miami Herald article also states that Mr. Ottinot tricked the North Miami Beach Mayor into signing his contract.  He led the North Miami Beach Mayor to believe that his contract was vetted by the city’s procurement department.

The North Miami Beach Mayor was quoted as saying Ottinot “shoved a paper on my desk that did not go through a process of ratification”.  There are also articles in concerning Ottinot and others in his circle that paint a poor picture of serious corrupt and unethical behavior.

I strongly recommend that each of you take the time to read them for yourselves. Whether true or not, these are serious unresolved allegations and issues concerning Ottinot. You all should begin the process of selecting a permanent new City Attorney immediately.

Why involve yourself and our City in this Ottinot mess?

Our City does not need this sort of negative attention from any of our officials. I am confident all will make the best decision for our community when informed.

We truly thank you for your service, especially in these trying times.

A. Losa

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