Uber Eats Driver Arrested After Throwing Drink in the Face of Restaurant Manager

uber eats driver

Alexis Brianna Davis

By Hank McCoy

An Uber Eats driver was arrested on charges of battery for allegedly throwing a drink through a drive-in window, striking the manager of the restaurant in the face before fleeing the scene.

On May 5, Alexis Brianna Davis of Tamarac, 23, an Uber Eats driver, attempted to enter the lobby of the establishment; however, the door was locked, so she proceeded to the drive-through window on foot.

According to the report, she argued with staff at the drive-through window, when the manager attempted to intervene. Davis grabbed a soft drink from the window and threw it at the manager, striking them in the face and spilling the contents of the drink all over her. 


At approximately 9:12 p.m., the Broward Sheriff’s Office responded to the call of an angry customer at the restaurant, where deputies met with the manager to discuss the incident. 

Deputies were permitted to view a cellphone video, which showed Davis screaming outside of the business; however, they didn’t capture the actual incident in question. 

The restaurant chose not to have their name disclosed to the public, and witnesses were unable to identify the car Davis drove while fleeing the scene. 

The manager said she was willing to prosecute after having the drink thrown in her face. Davis was charged with battery.

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