Woodmont Country Club Opens After Decade-Long Fight with the City

Woodmont Country Club Pool. Photos by Saraana Jamraj.

Woodmont Country Club Pool. Photos by Saraana Jamraj.

By: Saraana Jamraj

After a decade of trying to get the new club built, along with a controversial debate among residents, Woodmont Country Club has finally opened its doors to the public.

Owner Mark Schmidt who runs the club full time was relieved to have the project completed at the end of October. 

So far, he’s pleased with the outcome.   

The clubhouse, located in Tamarac, includes a banquet hall, tennis court, a private gym, a pro shop, a restaurant, bar and grill, a pool, outdoor patio and lounge, and, of course, a 27-hole golf course.

While some guests utilize the entire facility, others visit other areas— and there are memberships to suit each type of guest.

“Every day, we have more members, and it’s climbing every day,” said Schmidt.

At press time, they had approximately 80 members.  They anticipate more as 152 single-family homes are being built in the surrounding area, and the home builder, Pulte, has paid for each of the homeowners to gain automatic membership to the club.

So far, 15 of those homes have been completed, and they have a projected sellout day in January of 2021 when they expect each of the houses to be completed and bought.

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Woodmont Country Club Opens After Decade-Long Fight with the City 1

Fitness Center at Woodmont Country Club.

The 152 homes were once the center of controversy, as Woodmont residents once objected to them, as well as the clubhouse being built. They believed it would take away from the beauty of the golf course, and that the new single-family homes could negatively impact their neighborhoods.

“They were afraid that the new homes would destroy their property value and their way of life—that has been proven the opposite.  It has increased everyone’s property value by over 20 percent in the last two years,” said Schmidt.

Despite the turmoil, he’s eager to move on and hopes those who once objected can now enjoy the clubhouse and see the value it brings to the community.

For residents curious about membership, there’s a range of options:  A social membership granting access into the pool and fitness center, including special pricing on food and beverage, is the most affordable at $2,500 a year.  A sports membership, including tennis, will cost about $3,100 annually.  And one, including golf, will cost approximately $4,000.

The club is not limited to members.  The restaurant, with an evolving menu, is open daily to the public, as is the golf course—though, non-member fees would be slightly higher than the prices for members.  Additionally, the banquet hall is available for booking private and corporate events, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, bridal showers, conferences, and weddings.  According to Schmidt, many people opt for an open bar, which is also available at the clubhouse. 

“We have booked probably about 30 events for the year, already,” he said. 

They had a B’nai mitzvah, and in December, they are hosting a wedding, which will include hundreds of guests.

Schmidt did recognize that some people might view his latest business venture as a risky one, given that golf memberships and golf clubs across the nation are in decline. 

“The golf course business is in a recessionary mode, so I tell people ‘Call me in a year, and I’ll tell you if I’m very smart or very stupid,’” said Schmidt.

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However, based on the feedback since the launch, he feels optimistic.

So far, Schmidt said, the reception has been positive, from the public and members, despite the uphill battle and resistance he faced in trying to build the club.

“It’s been as good as it possibly could be.  We’ve had nothing but excitement from the community—Our neighbors have been nice, and we’ve welcomed them with open arms,” said Schmidt. 

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