Candidate for Florida CFO Speaks to Democrats in Broward County

By: Sharon Aron Baron


Democratic candidate for Florida Chief Financial Officer, William Rankin, visited Broward County’s Democratic Executive Committee last week hoping to boost his lackluster campaign.

With less momentum than Nan Rich’s gubernatorial race, Rankin’s only hope is that Florida voters are so disenchanted with Rick Scott, they’ll vote for anyone with a “D” next to their name.

That would be his only chance to beat Republican Jeff Atwater.

Rankin wouldn’t answer questions on camera with me, with very good reason why: Several South Florida writers, including myself, have published unflattering articles on why he wouldn’t make a qualified CFO.

Just last week, Chaz Stevens of MAOS wrote that Rankin was fined $50 for failing to file his expense reports in a timely manner.   Stevens also discovered Rankin paid for campaign expenses using a personal check – a campaign no-no.

And we want him to be our Chief Financial guy?

Rankin Fines courtesy of MAOS

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  • Are you suggesting Rankin’s campaign needs some Viagra to help with its limpness?

    Time to send in a fluffer! Someone get Scott Herman on the blower (pun!).

    • D

      “Fluffer !” Chaz S is a bully with lewd talk and homophobic comments. I see he claims to be a liberal, but he must have forgotten that when he registered as a Republican. Shame on Sharon for having such company as Chaz S. whos not only lewd in behavior comments above but also homophobic! So typical of irresponsible comments comprised of lewd and homophobic behavior with hate speech.

      • Here here. That fucking Chaz is a lewd asshole.

        • D

          You are good at that trying to dodge the seriousness. You picked on the lewd behavior but not the liable behavior that included your hate speech and homophobic comment against Scott Herman.

          Sharon has spoken highly of you and now that we know the political party and the homophobic hate speech. We must now question all who are helping you out and in business with you.

          It’s one thing for freedom of speech but the bully talk with hate speech is not. Shame on you Sharon for remaining silent and supporting this behavior.

          • Good! You needed a new hobby, so why not this?

            PS I’ll be filing a criminal complaint against Scott this week, so keep an eye out for that!

          • D

            That’s between you and Scott. I am only looking at your motives here and it’s a shame that you go to hate speech and homophobic comments.

          • Sorry, a fart joke just didn’t work.

            Thanks for playing… I’m now going to ignore you.