Deal Breaker: Why This Charter School May Never Be Approved

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Stop right now because this charter school deal may not be going any further.

According to City Manager Michael Cernech, the stipulation for getting the proposal for the charter school in front of the City Commission was to have Academica’s assurances that Tamarac students would receive first priority.

Academica has been told they need to come forward with assurances to us in writing that gives our kids – Tamarac kids, first choice of seats in this school and if they can’t do that then we’re not taking something forward to the city commission because that’s the premise of the proposal for choice for Tamarac students. So they’ve got to do that.”City Manager Michael Cernech at a neighborhood meeting last Wednesday.

That ain’t happening according to State law. And there isn’t anything the School Board of Broward County can do about it.

Here are the rules according the the Florida Department of Education:

“Charter schools are open to all students residing within the district; however, charter schools are allowed to target students within specific age groups or grade levels, students considered at-risk of dropping out or failing, students wishing to enroll in a charter school-in-the-workplace or charter school-in-a-municipality, students residing within a reasonable distance of the school”

The school can target students living 2-4 miles away according to the Broward County Charter Management Support Department, however, this is not a City preference, therefore excluding Tamarac students that live in central or eastern Tamarac.

Only Cities such as Coral Springs and Pembroke Pines which holds the charter and are municipally run may offer first choice for those that live in their City. The City of Tamarac will not be a municipal charter school.

Oh, and did I mention that charter schools don’t provide bus service? So this means 1,200 kids being driven two times a day? That’s 2,400 more cars on the road on Nob Hill.

But don’t worry, it shouldn’t get this far because our city manager clearly states that they won’t be taking this forward if Academica doesn’t meet this requirement.

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  • GatorDad89

    The City manager should be much more concerned with what Academica will and will not provide in its school (no school nurse, no library, many basics missing in early years), and what % of the school budget goes to Academica instead of the school and the children. Florida govt officials need to require more openness about exactly where taxpayer school money goes in charter schools.

    • KarenR6873

      Agree. These charter management companies like Academica get away with too much. Their priority is making money, not educating Florida children.

  • Charles Redler

    My turn: This government is unbelievable. They look at you and lie and dismiss the voter like we were an intrusion. I accuse this government duplicity and non transparency at best and moral and politically corrupt at worst. To my representative Glasser who thinks compassion doesn’t count, should have been thrown out of office. She may have once had an illustrious career and even honored by the constituency she purported to represent, but now she ends her career in the hall of SHAME, if this project goes through, her name will forever become garbage.

    To our illustrious city manager we pay but who lives in Parkland, I say resign. He would vote for never taking down a tree in parkland, yet he wants to destroy one of the jewels of Tamarac. A beautiful green and sports space, given to the city by the developed to keep recreational and he wants to turn into a parking garage. The city spent millions to make it what it is and he wants to destroy it. He says it is under utilized during the day so it should be given away to a charter school, taken away from the citizens of Tamarac, and asphalt most of it. How about using his underutilized house, since it must be empty during the day, for a day care center. It would be very useful wouldn’t it?

    Seldom have I seen a government so vehemently ignoring the demands of the citizens that pay their salaries and who represent the largest group of voters in Tamarac. Seldom do you see a government spend millions to beautify a green space for the good of the community only to see that same government give it away to a private institution to pave over.

    This government has caused fear and anxiety to its most vulnerable citizens, citizens who worked hard all their lives and who moved to Tamarac because they were promised it was senior friendly. People are hesitating from buying and people are finding it hard to sell, so not only is this government causing great emotional hardship but also financial hardship. Apparently ms. glasser and mr. michael cernech must take some pride in creating this hardship.

    Whether it is political corruption or moral corruption that moves this government, the citizens of this city must stop them for continuing on this course.