Letter to the Editor: Dead After Dark

Tamarac Talk

Tamarac Talk

To: Webmaster

Subject: Dead after dark

I’m in my early twenties and I have been living in Tamarac for more than half my life. I have been bored all of those years. Now, as a college student, if I want to study somewhere after 9:30pm, I have to travel to a Starbucks in Sunrise or Coral Springs since the one on Commercial and University is closed so early. It’s either that or go to the dreaded breakfast restaurants. I’m sick of having nowhere to go and nothing to do after 9 or 10.

There are numerous elementary and middle schools in Tamarac; what are those children, who have moved on to high school/college in the years, doing? Let’s try to save gas, build a sense of community, and give young people constructive things to do.

I realize that I just complained without any backing, but it’s been bothering me for years. I just discovered this website today and I like it very much. Furthermore, I’m really excited for the food trucks(even though they close at 9)!

Dear Reader: 

Welcome to my world.

Yes, Tamarac is a very dark and boring place.  We shut down early and wake up early.  Did you know that some parts of Tamarac are even closed on Mondays?

Welcome to your golden years.

What’s this? You’re only in your 20’s, and you’re in college?

What the hell are you doing here?  For God’s sake get in your car and drive north, south, east…..anywhere but here!

Stay here any longer and your youth will be sucked clean away. Do.not.let.this.happen.

If I were in my 20s living here half my life, I’d be plotting to escape like I was Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption.

The good news is: you’re reading Tamarac Talk, so you’re on the right path to political enlightenment and community activism with a little fluff thrown in.

Yes, you are right, we do need to find things for young people like you to do.  Not only does Tamarac lack a Starbucks, it doesn’t have any cool coffee houses to hang out in. Rest assured, you can always head north to Coral Springs, but don’t forget to stop by those food trucks along the way. Of course, be there before they pull away at 9 pm.

Thanks for reading.

Tamarac Talk

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  • David

    Coral Springs isn’t any better. To get to any good coffee houses you have to head to downtown Fort Lauderdale. It’s all dead out here.

  • HR

    If you can’t find anything to do then you’re not looking hard enough. I lived in Tamarac for about 25 years and never had any trouble finding something to do. This was before the days where people were suction cupped to their phones, laptops, ipods/ipads and all that stuff and actually had to go out and do things. Half the time we ended up not getting home until 2 or 3 am. You can study at home, but you have areas all around you brimming with things to do, even if it’s not in Tamarac. I’ve lived elsewhere and there’s no place like South Florida to live.

  • Patti Lynn

    When Tamarac Village is completed, you’ll have something to do. Hopefully, something will happen there soon. Meanwhile, maybe a few volunteers can talk to the Commission and see if we can start something. There are so many empty places. Perhaps, in a good will effort, the owner of the property at 57th Street & University will volunteer a storefront where the volunteers can start a coffeeshop/reading room/wi-fi accessible place where young folks can go. Perhaps the City can donate some of their obsolete computers. The possibilities are endless…but what a great project for a young person who knows what it’s like to have no place to go!!

  • InTamarac

    I’m a Baby Boomer G’mother and I have the same complaints!
    The city thinks building another park that no one uses is progress. Besides
    that, Tamarac parks have all the appeal of a Publix parking lot. Until the city
    realizes its future won’t belong to the dwindling WWll living dead who are
    still wandering around dazed and confused, it’s not going anywhere.

  • Richard Paul Dembinsky

    Wow, I better be happy here in Port Orange Florida (Daytona Beach Area)…don’t you have a Waffle House or Denny’s? MY even bored people who don’t get into the television dancing with the Stars or other shows my wife is glued to…..Visit New Smyrna Beach…just a few hours north of Tamarac. Take a boat up the inter coastal and stop at Inlet Harbor …just look for the lights and music.
    or better yet, Run for Governor and propose selling South Florida to Cuba?????? or selling the western portion of Florida that is in the Alabama time zone anyway.
    We could use the money to have free cable TV and internet and wifi wherever YOU want it….Did I say Free?
    South Florida….do YOU need a visa? or will my updated passport work?
    Now I will NO longer say I am hostage in Port Orange after reading the young lady’s comments.
    If I were Governor there would be dancing in the streets every Wednesday and free pizza on Mondays.
    Okay, I am now happy that I learned about Tamarac….surely I will save the gasoline on my visiting. But then Sharon would be happy if I stayed back in Daytona Beach.
    You should start a bus tour of Tamarac pointing out where John Travolta lived? or YOU could see if the Spruce Creek Airport could be relocated to Tamarac thus reducing my neck from seeing 12 planes in formation during the middle of the week with a bi plane at the point.
    See…what YOU need are tourists…then night places happen and the noise level is so great you cannot listen to Len give his 6, 7, 8 , 9….never a 10….on dancing with the stars.
    See Florida needs to be more like Daytona…less like Tamarac….but then Tamarac is likely a better place to find your lost cat. (my week of cat walking has ended son and his wife returned from ski trip)….That is it get a job at a travel agency and book week trips to St. Thomas.