Pedestrian Struck, Killed, on State Road 7

By: Chris Brunner

A pedestrian died last Saturday after being struck by a passing motorist on North State Road 7.

Jaime Guzman-Bartolo, 40, of North Lauderdale was crossing the 5200 block of North State Road 7 from west to east in the middle of the block when Hendson Merlien, 36, of Tamarac was driving his Ford F-150 northbound in the left thru lane when he struck Guzman-Bartolo with the driver’s side front bumper.

Merlien immediately came to a stop and remained on scene during the investigation.

Guzman-Bartolo was airlifted to Broward Health Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Broward Sheriff’s Office Traffic Homicide detectives continue their investigation.

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  • InTamarac

    I am so sorry to hear another pedestrian was killed trying to cross State Road 7 in that one half mile stretch between Commercial Boulevard and Prospect Road. This isn’t the first time and unfortunately probably won’t be the last time a pedestrian is killed there while trying to cross those 6+ lanes of traffic. I don’t blame the pedestrians and I don’t blame the drivers. I put the blame squarely in the lap of FDOT’s Broward division for not providing reasonable pedestrian crossing options in that half mile stretch of road. Didn’t any of those well-paid traffic engineers think for even one second a pedestrian might want to cross the street without having to make a half mile detour to do it “legally” at the traffic signals at Commercial Boulevard or Prospect Road? Hasn’t anybody at FDOT noticed how many places in Broward County you can go for miles without having a safe place to cross the street? That’s a rhetorical question because of course they don’t. They’re whizzing around in their vehicles so why would they notice obvious pedestrian problems like that. I’m hoping someday someone sues FDOT for their negligence after another pedestrian is injured or killed.