POLL: What Concerns Residents the Most in Tamarac?

By: Sharon Aron Baron

What concerns our residents the most in Tamarac?  A question similar to this was asked to two of our finalists for the position of district two commissioner last Thursday and both gave two different answers.

Mike Gelin believed what concerned residents in district two was the development of the Tamarac Village in the West and traffic near the new development near the Turnpike. Michelle Gomez  answered that the aesthetics of the city and businesses moving out creating empty strip centers concern the residents in district two.

While their answers only reflect what they believe district two residents concerns are, it made me wonder what others residents thought.   Answer the poll with your top two and if you have any concerns not listed, write them in the comments.

About Sharon Aron Baron

Sharon Aron Baron Sharon Aron Baron is the Editor of Talk Media and writer for Tamarac Talk and Coral Springs Talk. Tamarac Talk was created in 2010 to provide News, Views and Entertainment for the residents of Tamarac and to give resident's a forum. We are not affiliated with the City of Tamarac. That's why this site can be occasionally opinionated and obviously open.


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  • NamVet1971

    How about adding these choices:
    Excessive spending by the city on items the voters don’t want:
    Traffic cameras,
    $700 a month towards “auto” expenses,
    Buying land we don’t need,
    Not being able to beautify our city like Lauderhill has been doing (walls and plantings).
    No visible police cars (I drive around the city a lot and almost never see any police cars).

    • I added the Red light Traffic Cams.
      Beautification comes under aesthetics.
      Buying land comes under the concern about Tamarac Village….

      Thanks for your input

      • NamVet1971

        How about the $700 auto expenses? Anyone running for office in 2014 who doesn’t say they will vote to change this (downwards by a lot) won’t get my vote.

  • E Star

    I believe my concern would be that the city is doing what it wants and maybe what a small group of the citizens want with out polling and then listening to what the citizens do or do not want. A few examples would be neighborhood improvement districts and constant redoing of the medians and watering during the height of the day.

  • Bsmind

    I was excited to see the head line of this article. A little disappointed with its limited details. Maybe you can make a larger survey that would really give a place for citizens views and ideas to be expressed. Thank you for your forum and for what you do.

    • Thanks for your feedback. What ideas would you like to express? Please add them here.

  • Emily Rubin

    Thanks for this opportunity to express our concerns, But, it’s hard to pick just 2. This City needs a major makeover starting with its elected officials and city staff. I look at what Lauderhill has invested in its city and am embarrassed at Tamarac’s choices for how to spend our tax dollars. My City taxes are much higher than my county taxes…that’s a real shame.

    • Linda

      Emily are city taxes supposed to be lower than county taxes? Why are ours more. Why does Lauderhill look so nice in area…. Do they pay less? Thank you.

      • Emily Rubin

        Yes. City taxes should be lower than County taxes. I believe ours are more because of some of the ridiculous charges by our City like the $5 million they paid to move the Temple, the $3 million to buy a golf course, the $700 a month for a car allowance for each commissioner. Lauderhill has invested in the city. Look at the uniform walls and new landscaping they have installed. They also have a more helpful and business friendly attitude and have more occupied stores.

        • Lauderhill’s millage rate is slightly higher than Tamarac’s at 7.36 vs 7.28 so they’re taxes are nothing to brag about. Margate and Lauderdale Lakes are higher than ours as well. The ones that are lowers are Coral Springs, Sunrise and Parkland that are closest to us. Why? Lots of higher valued properties paying in (Parkland) and many businesses and homes (Coral Springs). We have many homes here in Tamarac that don’t even pay property taxes due to their exemptions exceeding the low value on their condos.

          • Emily Rubin

            I think you missed the issue. You need to look at what residents in each city are getting for their tax dollars. Lauderhill’s Commissioners don’t get a $700 a month car allowance. Lauderhill invests in their City. They have beautified the medians and built walls to upgrade to the community’s appearance. Their parks are beautiful and open 7 days a week. They have their own police department. Lauderhill makes developers pay for development costs and is not paying high prices for unneeded vacant land. Tamarac bought Colony West golf course instead when it was in foreclosure. And then the City gave a lease to the family that ran it into bankruptcy to run it. There is no city golf course in the nation that breaks even, let alone makes money. It’s just a further drain on our pocketbooks. If the City really needed that land and waited for the foreclosure sale, the land would have been cheaper and the family that messed it up would be gone. The point is that we don’t get much for what Tamarac charges.

  • InTamarac

    I’m concerned about:
    1. Dying of boredom.
    2. Dying of boredom and no one noticing.
    3. Dying of boredom and becoming a zombie and no one noticing ’cause everyone in our geriatric city already looks and acts like zombies, shuffling around aimlessly with glazed looks on their decaying faces.

  • Ann

    Why does the post office not have a code enforcement policy like the rest of our city ?
    The grounds and inside of the building look terrible. Is it because it is a government
    building and does not have to comply with our City standards ?

  • commenter8

    Survey says… both Gomez and Gelin got it wrong! The top two Tamarac concerns are “Red Light Cameras” and “$700 Monthly Car Allowance For Commissioners”.

  • Johns Bohner

    first to go bad was Lauderhill
    Then North Lauderdale
    Tamarac is next – within a year or two
    Next up – Coral Springs 2-5 years

    You cry about red light cameras, parks, car allowances? Your city is a ghetto-in-waiting

    And it’s too late to stop it

    Naive liberals

  • TamNurse

    As a nurse that has been doing a considerable amount of research as far as city budget and allocation of resources. I can say the areas citizens will be disappointed with those that concern them the most. I’m a nurse and a single mother. I am not pleased with the overcrowding of the schools in the area and instead of creating more schools with the land available I see townhouse development. I also feel like, while I support the county sheriff’s office I know we have more residents than Margate and higher crime rates, yet, Margate has their own police department. It makes a difference. I’ve been watching the commission meetings and people do not feel safe in this city because of the lack of law enforcement presence and a presence that is exclusively devoted to this City. Also nobody seems to care about developing the empty strip malls that just sit there like eerie ghost towns, not making money! and not benefiting the community! I moved my family to Tamarac because I felt it was a safe family oriented community and even after my investigation of the city I remain, a satisfied citizen but the city could be much more as long as the needs of the elderly population that built the city and the influx of the younger family generation can find a common ground and work together to make this city all that it can be and not just settle for the common theme in Broward county of cities going down the drain. End rant…