Sun Sentinel and Broward Beat Writer Speak at Democratic Meeting

By: Sharon Aron Baron

The Broward Democratic Executive Committee changed things up at their monthly meeting and featured two well-known journalists that most people are familiar with probably as much as the politicians as they cover: Anthony Man from the Sun Sentinel and Buddy Nevins from Broward Beat.

Typically politicians are the featured speakers at the monthly DEC meetings, and now that we’re in an election year, many of them are looking for an audience.

This is why it was refreshing for the audience members in attendance to hear both renowned journalists and get their perspective on the 2014 election year.

Speaking to a packed crowd at the Deicke Auditorium Tuesday evening in Plantation, both Man and Nevins have a combined 50 years of political experience between the two of them.

“I think the Democratic Party has their best chance in a long time to win the Governor’s race,” said Nevins. “This has to do more with the quality of the candidate on the Republican’s side, than the Democrats have to throw at him. As far as candidates, there is only one person who can beat Rick Scott and that’s Charlie Crist.

Nevins went on to tell the audience that he realized there were fans of hers in there, but said that Nan Rich could not win. He believed north of Broward, she would never get 20 percent of the vote.

“She’s too liberal, she’s too Jewish, she’s too Broward and frankly she’s a little too old…and did I mention she was too liberal?” – Buddy Nevins

Man believes that the Democrats shouldn’t take anything for granted, “I believe Rick Scott will be very, very difficult to beat.” He added that because the economy is better and because of Scott’s finances, the Democrats cannot assume that he will be easy to beat.

Other questions included the future of print news moving towards digital where both of them gave interesting insight, as well as anonymous commenters on their websites.

Watch the Youtube videos above for full coverage of the event. You can find Anthony Man’s column’s at the Sun Sentinel Broward Politics Section as well as follow the Editorial Board on Twitter and you can read Buddy Nevin’s column at

The Tamarac – Sawgrass Democratic Club meets monthly.  Their next meeting is  Wednesday March 20th, 2013 7:00 pm at Horizon Bay Senior Center  7620 N. University Dr. Tamarac, FL 33321.

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  • Next time, bring a foot stool for Buddy.

    • susan

      So you pick on short guys? Hey everyone, Chaz here has a 2 inch erect co$k!!!!!

      • Chaz

        Actually, it’s more like 3 inches. Wide. Think tuna-fish can.

  • Joe Kreps

    Buddy Nevins Stated in his blog many months ago that Nan Rich’s campaign was still born. His inflammatory remarks about a truly passionate, compassionate public servant is despicable. He is entitled to his opinion but to constantly parrot the Crist campaign mantra that Nan Rich can’t win is ingenuous and biased. Do some real journalism. Give us both candidates pros and cons. Try not to shill for one candidate over another. That is my job as a supporter of Nan Rich.If you want to support Charlie Crist that is your prerogative. Just admit you are Charlies supporter.

    • Get Real

      Buddy Nevins is a Republican. His son worked for Ellyn Bogdanoff. He is no fan of Charlie Crist. What he said about Nan Rich not having a snowball’s chance of winning a statewide election was 100% accurate. While my politics more closely allign with Ms. Rich’s I also am a realist. It is much more important to me that Rick Scott be defeated than to hitch my horse to a candidate that has zero chance of winning.

      • Joe Kreps

        Get real is a good alias for you. If you have an opinion, the least you can do is identify yourself. Nevins claimed to be a democrat from a democratic family. Are you calling him a liar? If you or he have the opinion that she would lose head to head against Rick Scott that’s fine but don’t state it as a fact. If Nevins wants to call her a Liberal twice for emphasis, that’s fine too. He has beaten her up about her religion and the fact she is a grandmother. He would never have the guts to have done this if she was present. He is a coward. Are you?

        • Get Real

          You elect to use your name on your post. That is your right. I elect to not use my real name. That is also my right. You reinforce that I made the right decision by your agressive name calling response to my post. If you believe Buddy Nevins isn’t a Republican at heart, if not by registration, why don’t you do a little research into why he lost his job at the Sun-Sentinel. The other thing you seem to miss is that Buddy Nevins isn’t an unbiased journallist, he runs a blog that states his opinion. Just like this blog states Ms. Baron’s opinion. I believe that Nan Rich is basically a Don Quixote candidate tilting at windmills who has almost no name recognition outside of Broward County. If you don’t believe that read any poll that has been done covering that subject. Go ahead and support her if you wish. I instead will support the only candidtae that has a real chance of beating Rick Scott in a statewide eletion.

          • Joe King

            Get Real is correct. Nan Rich’s base is Broward County. She won’t beat Charlie Crist in Broward. That doesn’t make her a bad person, but it does make her a bad candidate. It’s already over for her, as much as some people may like her. The problem is, those people are a little too lonely.

          • Joe Kreps

            Hi JOE King, It’s nice to have a name to talk to. I am not arguing name recognition. Charlie has plenty of that some good mostly bad. Please see his run for Senate. When Nan beats Charlie in the primary she will have plenty of name recognition, all good.

          • susan

            And the Chicago Cubbies will win the World Series!!!!!


        • susan

          Joe, that fact is that Nan is Jewish, old, progressive and has never run a state wide campaign. Her top staff is a joke. They have turned down Dem Club meeting invitations where 100’s of dedicated Democrats are members; in order to attend Dem club meetings where just 33 paid members might appear. And there is very little between the 2014 Nan and the 2014 Charlie. That you have to agree with. Or are you too gutless to admit this?

      • susan

        Go with someone who has a chance to will in November!!!!!

    • susan

      Hi Joe, You wrote this message 6 months ago. Nothing has changed in Nan Rich’s campaign. Poor direction from her top staff members. No TV ads. No mailed out campaign flyers. No phone banks. NO Nothing! Her grassroots campaign has died for a lack of any monetary fertilizer. Go vote for Nan in the primary. Feel verr good when you walk out. But state and promise here that you will work and endorse and support the Democratic Nominee for Governor up thru the November election day. Step up and said this NOW!!!