Broward County Cities Are Jealous of Tamarac Now

Streetscape banners around the country. They typically boast, or entice passerbys about what makes their city so special.

Streetscape banners around the country. They typically boast, or entice passerby’s about what makes their city so special.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Streetscape banners are supposed to welcome visitors celebrate an event, holiday, or share something enticing about the community.

When residents from nearby Broward County cities drive through Tamarac,  do they really care that we are Palladium Award Winners?  Is it going to encourage families to buy a home in our community?


We execute strategy!

According to the brilliant people at our city, who wouldn’t want to live in a city where we translate strategic concepts into measurable results?

Stephanie Franco

When I want to shop or dine, I don’t head over to Coral Springs. No,  I look for the city that has a balanced scorecard for executing strategy!

We are Palladium winners. Not just that, we’re International Palladium Award winners!

Someone at the city, decided that streetscape banners boasting about an obscure award for management efficiency would surely make people move here in droves.

That’s why they spent $6,900 in taxpayer money on them.

And that’s not even all the Palladium award has cost. The city also spent money on travel expense for City Manager Michael Cernech and former Management Analyst Bernadette Hughes  to go and collect the award in Boston. No telling how much it costs to apply for the award because the people at Palladium won’t return my emails and give me more information.

As if spending $6,900 buckaroos wasn’t enough. They didn’t have the decency to buy it from a local vendor either. No, they ordered it from an out of state banner maker. Surely, there must be some sort of printing company that makes these types of things here in South Florida.


So for everyone in the surrounding cities around us, While you are scratching your heads wondering what these banners are all about, we are basking in our glory. All $6,900 worth of it.

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