Tamarac Proposes Updated Entry Way Signs for its Communities

Proposed new entry way signage for Woodmont

Proposed new entry way signage for Woodmont

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Many new communities in Tamarac will be getting an updated look this year with new entry signs, if homeowner associations vote to move forward with proposed signage from the city.

At the April 7 City Commission workshop, Community Development Director Maxine Calloway presented the list of

neighborhoods that would be receiving the first round of new entry signs:

  1. Woodmont Pine Island Road/NW 81 Street – SE corner
  2. Woodmont Pine Island Road/NW 75 Street – NE & SE corners (2 signs)
  3. Pineapple Park NW 80 Avenue/NW 70 Street – NW corner
  4. WoodlandsCommercial Boulevard/Woodlands Boulevard – Median
  5. WoodlandsRock Island Road/Sago Palm Boulevard – Median
  6. Arbor Keys Commercial Boulevard/NW 47 Terrace – NW corner
  7. Westwood #5 Southgate Boulevard/NW 93 Avenue – SW corner
  8. Colony West Estates Pine Island Road/NW 67 Court – SW corner

Each sign will be made with a concrete base with a rust-free aluminum skin and will cost approximately $18,000 each, which will be paid for by the city. Homeowner Association’s will be required to enter into a maintenance agreement with the city to maintain the signs once the are installed. “We expect to have the agreements ready within the next 90 days,” said Calloway.

On the proposed illustration, each sign would have the city’s logo and say “At Tamarac.”  During last week’s city commission workshop, Commissioner Gomez brought up the issue that having verbiage along with the city logo would be redundant, and was not in the original discussions for the signage. At the next commission workshop, Calloway will be researching historical data to see if this was discussed at preliminary meetings.

The completion of the above signs should be around the winter of 2014/2015 according to Calloway.






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  • joe

    Wrong.. I pay taxes. All commuties need new signs . give tamarac a uniform look. Not happy the neighborhood s choosen. All or none …… Plantation did it right!

  • Kahuna

    I agree, ALL neighborhoods deserve consistent signage. The AT TAMARAC and the logo are redundant. I really don’t see why either needs to be on the sign.

    Why isn’t the city going to maintain their own signs? The signs in the Woodlands will be on city land, not HOA land, What kind of liability would the HOA take on if someone gets hurt at the sign or lighting, and the city the blames the problem on the HOA for to a maintenance issue?. Is the city going to replace the sign if a car runs into it, or there is any other damage to it?

  • Joseph

    Funny these people don’t do their research. Westwood #5 is also “Section 23”. It would be irrelevant to leave it out.

  • Jen

    I may be ignorant to the cost of signage but 18k PER sign? Why would we spend that type of money on signage alone. Seems like we really know how to spend our money on irrelevant things that will not help the community grow. How about we invest that money on the Education system; the more the merrier. Id rather see more intelligent people walking in the street than nicer signs.. Just Saying!

  • Okie From Muskogee

    Why do we need new signs again?