Alert Neighbor in Tamarac Foils a Band of Brazen Burglars

Alert Neighbor in Tamarac Foils a Band of Brazen Burglars 1An alert resident in Tamarac’s Mainlands 8 community foiled a team of burglars last night by remembering what a BSO Commander had taught him weeks prior.

Yesterday, a group of five men burglarized a home in nearby Mainlands 6, then came over to the Mainlands 8 community and tried an old trick: knocking on the door first to see if someone was home before robbing them.

The unsuspecting female homeowner used the intercom to ask who it was. When the burglar asked for the name of someone who didn’t live there,  her husband became suspicious, since he had heard about this trick from BSO Commander David Robshaw.  He went out the side door just in time to see the burglar get into a gray four door sedan with four other men inside of it. He got the tag number and called 911 where BSO then nabbed the burglars still inside of the community.

The police were already looking for them after a home was burglarized in Mainlands 6. These burglars had items in their car from the other burglary, and all five men were arrested and taken to jail.

Patti Lynn, President of the Mainlands 8 Homeowners Association is glad that homeowners were listening when Commander Robshaw spoke with them. According to Lynn, “Just about 10 days ago, Robshaw provided us with Crime Alert doorhangers to warn those residents who don’t always come to meetings. They were delivered by our block captains to every occupied dwelling in here.”

“Perhaps those doorhangers made the difference last night. The witness called 911, and not me, for a change.”

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