Atkins-Grad Called Out By Vice Mayor at Heated Commission Meeting

By: Sharon Aron Baron

In an explosive commission meeting today in Tamarac, Vice Mayor Harry Dressler took the floor to address the alleged lies in Commissioner Atkins-Grad’s new blog and was interrupted several times by her outbursts, texting, even her using the phone as he was speaking to her.

At each City Commission meeting, the Mayor as well as each commissioner has the floor during their commission reports.  Dressler used the floor to address Atkins-Grad’s blog Tamarac Truth which he said accuses him of spreading lies.

Atkins-Grad takes a phone call while the Vice Mayor speaks

Atkins-Grad takes a phone call while the Vice Mayor speaks

“I have been provoked,” said Dressler, “I’m not starting something. I am responding to something.  I am not initiating a conflict nor looking to prolong it, rather I am responding to an illogical and untrue series of statements that were issued in a press release paid for an endorsed by Mrs Atkins-Grad.  The press release accuses me of spreading lies….tell me specifically Ms Atkins-Grad, what lies am I spreading? I saved two minutes of my time for the commissioner.”

“Read my blog,” said Atkins-Grad. That’s all you’re getting.”

“There are no lies that I’m spreading and what you just heard is an example of political low in-the-dirt, in-the-mud smearing of someone with absolutely no basis.” Said Dressler.  “I give her an opportunity to tell me what lies am I spreading and I’m referred to a garbage blog in the blogosphere, which is not signed by her personally but is signed by someone else or some entity.”

Dressler continued, “Let’s talk about the truth.” He goes on to tell the story years ago of her driving up in her new BMW and how he believed she lied to him about the source of the down payment, telling him that her husband had worked out a “deal” with the dealership.

Throughout Dressler’s story, Atkins-Grad  interrupted him,  and was told to stop several times.  She then proceeded to take out her cellphone where audible texting chirps could be heard throughout Dressler’s speech.  At one point Atkins-Grad started speaking on the phone.

Dressler said, “I question not just motive, but competence in dealing with things political when they’re confronted in public and they’re referred to a blog. A blog endorsed by her, not signed by her, therefore there is no transparency.”

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