BSO Arrests 2 Suspects After Rash of Car Burglaries in Tamarac Community

car burglaries Arrests

Suspect looking for items to steal inside of cars on October 24.

By Saraana Jamraj

Nine vehicles in the Woodlands Country Club community in Tamarac were broken into during three separate incidents on March 24 — and the Broward Sheriff’s Office was able to make two separate arrests in the aftermath.

On March 24, between midnight and 1:00 a.m., a juvenile was observed by a Woodlands resident allegedly attempting to break into two black vehicles.

Within seven minutes of the police arriving on the scene, they found the person they believed to have matched the description of the suspect near West Commercial Boulevard and Rock Island Road.

The juvenile was arrested, charged, and transported to the Juvenile Assessment Center.

The same night, at approximately 2:50 a.m., Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to reports of a burglary conveyance in progress.  The resident described a black male wearing a black hoodie and red pants.

One victim observed the suspect gain entry into the black SUV parked in his driveway, through the window of his Woodlands home. The suspect, identified as Michael Brown, 19, was charged after he was found by BSO and K9 units and transported to Broward General Hospital for a dog bite medical evaluation.

Interviews with residents determined that three vehicles had been burglarized. Some vehicles were broken into with forced entry, including shattered windows, while others were left vulnerable with the key fob still in the car.

The victims tallied all their missing items—including a MacBook Pro, a black wallet containing $120 in cash, a black backpack containing two college algebra books, and a black gun magazine containing ten rounds of .40 caliber ammunition.

After canvassing the area, deputies were able to find each of the items—some on the grass in front of several of the homes and some in a black backpack. All items were returned to the owners.

The third incident occurred at approximately 8:27 a.m., where several other residents found their cars burglarized — each showing no sign of forced entry.

No suspect was found or identified in the third group of car burglaries.

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