Candidate Shares Vision Once Elected to the City Commission

District 3 Candidate Gerald Heller

District 3 Candidate Gerald Heller

By: Gerald Heller

In the July issue of the Tamarac Tam-A-Gram, an article says “What does it take to make a thriving community? At the very least, quality housing options and a good supply of jobs. Tamarac has both.”

Unfortunately, these two things are not available for most Tamarac residents. For instance, the financial crisis in 2008 has stripped the retirement nest egg that many of our senior residents have depended on who are now having difficulty meeting their everyday needs. Some of our seniors cannot sustain their housing, medical, long-term care payments, and many can’t put food on the table.

In addition, our younger residents have great difficulty finding good paying jobs in Tamarac and have to seek employment at great distances from where they reside. The answer is bringing new businesses to Tamarac. Good paying full or part-time jobs that can offer seniors an opportunity to put their talents to good use.

There will be an influx of opportunities in Tamarac to support the infrastructure and transportation projects should both half penny taxes be approved in November. The tax is basically one half cent to the city for infrastructure and one half cent to the county for transportation. I am working on a proposal for the city to present to the administers so Tamarac will be prepared when funds are allocated. I will be the experienced and educated professional voice on the commission and will make sure Tamarac receives the appropriate allocation.

As someone who has 60 years employing thousands and building small, medium and major businesses in many communities, I will bring Tamarac to the attention of the private equity community and high technology companies to convince them that Tamarac is a great place to move and or to start a business. 

As an advisor to Broward County Office of Economic and Small Business Development, I will bring programs from the county level to improve conditions and solve concerns at the city level. I will also provide solutions during the next month on elder care issues including housing for Tamarac disadvantaged. 

I will work closely with the sheriff and county to insure that District 3 has in place the maximum security and safety and concentrate on senior parking and traffic, as I have accomplished at the community level for the last five years.

I have been involved on a personal level with community education for 40 years. JP Taravella High School has gone from an A high to a C. This is not acceptable, and I will make an appropriate effort to find out exactly why and will make my presence well known and offer solutions to improving the situation.

I will involve myself in the youth Sports program management oversight. Tamarac has exceptional programs that are growing to meet the needs of a younger community and I will involved myself in the youth sports program management oversight. I am concerned that the programs need the appropriate structure that protects them from this national problem of possible fraud. As president of Heller Capital for 10 years, I will make sure there are proper procedures and protections in place. Youth Sports are a five billion dollar a year nonprofit business. 

 There are daily issues facing the Tamarac City Commission that needs a transparent, honest and expert consideration. I have 60 years of business experience and public duty and will provide my opinion and vote as well as introduce new proposals to benefit District 3 and all of Tamarac.

Gerald Heller is a candidate for city commission District 3.  All candidates are invited to share their vision for the City of Tamarac.  


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