Charming Puppy Needs Forever Home

Charming Puppy Needs Forever Home


By Claire Cornish

Rhett has the kind of breathtaking good looks that can really make the heads of strangers turn, and sometimes he bears more than a passing resemblance to Scooby-Doo.

Whichever the many expressions this lovable character is wearing, he is charming, endearing, and exceptionally irresistible. 

Rhett is only a 10-month-old puppy which means that sometimes his brain and legs don’t communicate very well – he is active more than athletic, but he is always enthusiastic and wagging his tail. 

Rhett’s beginnings are a mystery, but he is hoping that his immediate future features a new forever home, lots of toys, and of course, plenty of treats, but what he wants more than anything is a home with abundant love. If you would like to meet Rhett, please contact to set up an appointment.

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Claire Cornish
Claire Cornish
Claire Cornish is a freelance writer, half marathon runner, and volunteer at Broward County Animal Care & Adoption. She is the proud mom of Callie the Labrador and a proud sister of Simon the Labrador mix.
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