Coyote Kills Family Pet in Tamarac Community

Coyote Kills Family Pet in Tamarac Community 1

Jackie and her cat Ricky

A Tamarac couple is devastated after losing their cat to a Coyote roaming around the area.

Woodlands Country Club residents, Steve and Jackie Buck lost their cat, Ricky, on September last Wednesday when he was found mauled by a coyote.

Back in December, residents discovered a coyote roaming around around the Western section of the community that borders NW 64th Ave.

Coyote Kills Family Pet in Tamarac Community 2

Photo of a coyote – not the one in the Woodlands

Six months ago, Steve saw what he believed was a coyote near his home on the other side of the community. Not certain exactly what it was, he looked at it, then did some research. He confirmed that it was a coyote, but  after it ran away, he never believed it would become a threat to anyone’s pets.


Three months ago, their neighbor’s dog, Maggie saw a coyote and chased it away. Then in July, golfers found a mauled cat on the golf course. They realized it was killed by a coyote because workers had seen it on several occasions. Steve wasn’t sure if the cat was anyone’s pet, but seemed friendly and domesticated when Steve played golf in the area.

They never believed that the coyote would kill their own cat, Ricky. Unlike their other female cats, Ricky was like most male cats and loved being outside but always came home to eat. He was only six years old and was adopted along with his sister Lucy from the Broward County Humane Society. A domestic shorthair, Ricky was friendly to everyone.

At the Woodlands Association meeting, Steve was appointed to hire a trapper to humanely relocate the coyote.  John Finlayson, Vice President of ClubLink Corp which owns the Woodlands Country Club golf course agreed to share the cost with the association.

“Everyone knew Ricky on our street and he was friendly with everyone,” said Jackie. “Ricky was even friendly with the dog Maggie next door.”

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